MOVING INTO YOUR HEART-Bobby Sullivan – 6:30pm

Time: to
Location: The New Center, Large Auditorium or Zoom

Class: Moving Into Your Heart (IN PERSON or ON ZOOM)
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Date: Friday March 8thth, 2024
Place: Large Auditorium
Cost: $30
Description: Join Healer, Intuitive, Teacher and Past Life Therapist Bobby Sullivan for this class focused on moving into your Heart Center. The key to ascension is learning to approach life from a heart- centered focus. Living through our heart is about more than being nice- it is about changing our perspective. It is about the way we first love ourselves and project that into the world through compassion and kindness. In this class we will work on strategies to change our perspectives and discover tools to help us to ascend into our potential of living in Oneness with all.

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