Time: to
Location: the Center

Wes will give an overview of where we are at in the universe using numerology timelines to better understand what’s happening in the world today. Wes will explain how we got here and where we are going in the next 31/2 years to 2026. Wes will share the importance of understanding why 2017 started us on an inner and outer 9-year journey to awaken to our higher purpose.

Echo will share messages from Jesus and her Angelic guide Lilli focusing on the same area’s as Wes. She will also do one question readings from the audience and end the evening with a guided meditation.

The Gallery: we will doing collaborative insight readings with Echo, Jesus, Merlin, and me, by answering questions from the audience using Echo’s still small voice of intuition and the art and science of numerology and my intuition. Wes will be also using birthdates and regular playing cards as a few of his magical tools


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