Location: Zoom

So Let’s Support Each Other in a NEW Intuitive Community

This weekend, my inner voice guided me to create an Intuitive Community. Over the last several years I’ve taught many people to live intuitively, and it came to me to create a community where we could meet twice a month on a Sunday night for just an hour on Zoom and talk about the challenges and the rewards of living this way.

One thing I know for sure is that it can be lonely living intuitively when the rest of the world is living by the guidance from their egoic mind. That’s why it feels important to create this community. I’ll bring a particular topic to the group and hopefully end with a meditation. I say hopefully in case the discussion runs the full hour. Let’s come together and support each other. Let’s have some fun. Here are the details:

Every other Sunday night, 7pm CT Beginning Sept 17th $20 per week

If you’re interested, you can register at, or send an email to: