How to Live Intuitively – Zoom

Starts March 10, 2022 then every Thursday until May 5, 2022
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How To Live Intuitively

The second ON-GOING class begins Thursday, March 3rd 7-8:00pm. This is NOT a psychic development class. This class teaches you how to live by the still small voice WITHIN you. That inner nudge, gut feeling you get when the Universe or God is communicating with you. You will love discovering this part of yourself. You no longer need to search outside of yourself for the answers, since they’re always there inside. Price is the same as above. $20 per week Venmo or Paypal. Both of these accounts are under my name Echo L. Bodine or You pay per week and I will send you the link. Yes, you can pay monthly. Whatever works for you works for me.

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