HEALING SHARE-Sara Anondson-5:30pm –

About the Healing Share:
Welcome! This group is for energy practitioners trained in Reiki and all other healing modalities such as Hands on Healing, Shamanic Healing, Quantum Touch, Polarity, etc. that are looking to give and receive healing energy. We meet one Sunday a month from 1-3pm and the 1st Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:30pm.

We will have monthly hosted live healing shares in person to give and receive. The session will start with a light meditation to ground us before beginning the event.
Please join us if you are looking to build your energy flow, spend time growing your skills and confidence, or simply desire to receive healing and spend time in community with like minded individuals.

A free will donation will be accepted to help fund the space rental (suggested donation of $15, but check-in with your heart.) ***Tables will be provide, there is no need too bring anything besides yourself to the session. However, some like to bring a notebook so they might reflect upon their experiences at the end of the session. Water and light snacks will be provided to ground at the end of the sessions.

We may have other events as well such as guided meditations, talks about how to build your energy healing practice.
Not an energy worker, but want to be? Please message me if you are interested in learning energy healing as I do offer Reiki classes for all levels.

Hosted by Sara Anondson, MRT. She is a Master Reiki Teacher who has also trained as a Shamanic Practitioner, and studied Hands on Healing techniques locally from both Echo Bodine and Carol Lowell. She has been providing intuitive energy healing in the Twin Cities for the past decade, and is excited to create space for you.

Link to register:
MN Energy Practitioners (Reiki, Hands on Healing, Shamanic) | Meetup
MN Energy Practitioners (Reiki, Hands on Healing, Shamanic) | Meetup

Healing Share Dates:
January 4th: Thursday 5:30-9pm
January 21st: Sunday 12-4pm

February 1st: Thursday 5:30-9pm
February 18th: Sunday 12-4pm

March 7th: Thursday 5:30-9pm
March 17th: Sunday 12-4pm

April 4th: Thursday 5:30-9pm
April 28th: Sunday 12-4pm

May 2nd: Thursday 5:30-9pm
May 19th: Sunday 12-4pm

June 6th: Thursday 5:30-9pm
June 23rd: Sunday 12-4pm

July No Thursday date as it is a holiday
July 21st: Sunday 12-4pm

August 1st: Thursday 5:30-9pm
August 18th: Sunday 12-4pm

September 5th: Thursday 5:30-9pm
September 22nd: Sunday 12-4pm

October 3rd: Thursday 5:30-9pm
October 27th: Sunday 12-4pm

November 7th: Thursday 5:30-9pm
November 24th: Sunday 12-4pm

December 4th: Thursday 5:30-9pm
December 15th: Sunday 12-4pm