Group Hypnosis Session with Angi Jara MHt -7:00pm

Time: to
Location: Green Room, The Center

Friday July 7th (7-8:15pm)
“Creating a Dream Reality” Soul Empowering Group Hypnosis Session
Join Angi Jara MHt for a transformational soul empowering group hypnosis session where you will be gently guided to explore the abstract nature of dreams and create your truly magical reality. Meet with your Spirit Friends on the other side and connect with the powerful Creator that you ARE.
Tickets: $40 *Please Reserve online at: (limited spots available)

Angelaria Healing Studio, LLC
Angi Jara MHt (Spiritual Hypnotherapist/Master Reiki Healer/Intuitive Reader)
Event Location: Echo Bodine’s Center 8W 66th Street, Richfield MN 55423
Contact Angi Jara: 651-252-9060 or