Group Hypnosis Session with Angi Jara MHt -1:00 pm

Time: to
Location: Green Room, The Center

Thursday June 29th (1-2:15pm)
“Experience a Past Life of Love” Soul Empowering Group Hypnosis Session
Join Angi Jara MHt for a transformational soul empowering group hypnosis session where you will be gently guided to connect with a past life of love, merge with your Soul’s energy, and release any blocks holding you back from living your most beautiful life. It’s easy, let’s begin!
Tickets: $40 *Please Reserve online at: (limited spots available)

Angelaria Healing Studio, LLC
Angi Jara MHt (Spiritual Hypnotherapist/Master Reiki Healer/Intuitive Reader)
Event Location: Echo Bodine’s Center 8W 66th Street, Richfield MN 55423
Contact Angi Jara: 651-252-9060 or