COFFEE WITH ANGELS – Cheryl Carrigan – 6:30 pm

Location: The New Center, Green Room

Coffee with Angels
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Every fourth Friday of each month (except for August)

Fri., May 24 – Green Room
Fri., June 21 – Lava 2 front Room
Fri., July 26 – Green Room
Fri., Sept 27 – Lava 2 front Room
Fri., Oct 25 – Lava 2 front Room
Fri., Nov 22 – Green Room
Fri., Dec 27 – Green Room

To register, please email or text her at 612-695-8183.
ASK…the Angels for help with what you need. There is no correct way to do it—just ask!
BELIEVE…the Angels heard you, and they are preparing everything to unfold in perfect timing—just believe!
TRUST…the Angels. Let go of control. Turn it over to a higher power—just trust!
ALLOW…the magic in. Toss your arms wide open—just allow it to happen!
Coffee with the Angels is a truly magical evening hosted by Cheryl Carrigan and her Angels. What could be better than ending your week and beginning your weekend with the energy and love of the Angels? The evening will be filled with Angel wisdom, an abundance of love and light, and, of course, some laughter.
Cheryl is a psychic medium who has a beautiful connection to Angels. Psychic and spiritual healer Echo Bodine refers to Cheryl as the Angelic Ambassador.
The magical evening will start with Cheryl calling in her Angels. She will ASK them for direct guidance for the week and month ahead. Angels are amazing at helping us navigate the energy and guide us to the path of least resistance if we ALLOW them.
At each gathering, the Angels will share a new tool that will ALLOW you to develop your connection to and engagement with your own personal Angels more effectively. TRUST that your life will become magical beyond your wildest imagination once you start working with your Angels on a daily basis.
There will be time set aside for everyone to ask questions or get guidance from Cheryl and the Angels! Finally, we will close this beautiful evening with an Angel-Guided Meditation.
Coffee with the Angels is for everyone on any level of their spiritual journey. If you’re just curious about the Angels or looking for a way to create a deeper connection with them, this is the place to come dance in Angelic energy.
Some people come to enjoy the messages sent through the Angels. The beautiful thing about these gatherings is that something will always be said that will feel like it was explicitly said for you. That is one of the coolest pieces of this work with the Angels.
BELIEVE this is the time to shine our lights bright in a world desperately needing it! Coffee with the Angels is the perfect environment to make new friends amongst like minds and souls. This monthly gathering is the ideal space and place to find your tribe.
Please arrive on time to grab something to drink, and plan to stay a little while after for a little treat and conversation with those who attend.
Cheryl and her Angels can’t wait to meet you!