7pm PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT-8 week series with Echo

Starts February 5, 2020 then every Wednesday until March 25, 2020
Time: to
PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT   **New Classes start Feb 5, 2020**
Wednesday 7:00 – 9:15
part of a continuing 8 week-
class taught by Echo Bodine
NO NEW Students After 3rd class on Feb 19
Topics include:
Clairsentience (Empath)
and Clairgustance
Spirit Guides
 Seances, Channeling, Quija Board, Pendulums,
Each week we’ll discuss a different topic (not necessarily the order listed) and do a psychic development exercise.
The fee is $30. per week.
Class will be held at
The Center for Intuitive Living
5356 Chicago Ave. So. in Minneapolis

Please register by sending name and email address to: Echo@echobodine.com

People always ask me if it’s okay to miss a few classes here and there. My answer is that you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. If you want to develop your gifts and have a better understanding of life and why we go through the experiences we do, I highly recommend attending all of them.