7:00 DESTINY OF THE SOUL With Bobby Sullivan

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THE DESTINY OF THE SOUL – Our Life between Lives – with Bobby Sullivan

We will be digging deeper to our Soul’s purpose on earth, other spiritual settings where souls go preceding death, ways that spirits connect with and comfort the living, spirit guides and the council of wise beings who interview us after each life, soul mates and links between soul groups and human families, soul recreation and travel between lives, the soul-brain connection, why we choose certain bodies, aliens, angels, ghosts, lost souls, animal souls and how our souls work and relax on the other side. + Much more…

We will also integrate meditation, group regression and other advanced techniques into deepening your experience and relating the topics to your current life.

Class cost is $25 per week or $20 per class if paid as $160 in advance as a series
CLASS TIMES ARE: THURSDAY NIGHTS from: 7:00pm to 9:15pm at Echo Bodine’s Center. – 5356 Chicago Ave. S. Minneapolis.

Class 1. Death,Grief and How Souls Connect with Loved Ones – Thur. April 21st

Class 2. Earthly Realm, Astral Plane, Ghosts, Demons and Devas etc.– Thur. April 28th

Class 3. Soul Energy and Restoration and How We Heal as a Soul – Thur. May 5th

Class 4. Soul Group Systems, How Souls are Born and How We Operate as a Soul Energy – Thur. May 12th

Class 5. Working with The Council of Elders – Thur. May 19th

Class 6. Our Soul Family, Soulmates and Living your SoulLife – Thur. May 26th

Class 7. The Advanced Soul and Higher Levels of Vibration – Thur. June 2nd

Class 8. Choosing Our Destiny – Thur. June 9th

To Register: email Bobby at bobbyosullivan@mac.com or call 612-749-7755

There is no prerequisite to take this class – all are welcome!