7 pm The Journey of the Soul – Understanding Our Life’s Purpose- Bobby Sullivan

Starts May 3, 2018 then every Thursday until June 21, 2018
Time: to

This series is based on the book/work of Dr. Michael Newton and is focused on viewing our lives from our soul’s perspective and examining the process the soul goes through while learning from the lives we choose and the people and situations we experience life with.

We will breakdown the journey our souls – go through and examine how all of our lifetime experiences are opportunities for us to grow and experience our life’s purpose. 

 We will work with numerology, astrology and past life regression in class. as tools to explore and learn about our soul’s purpose, our karma and our current life purpose.


1.     Death, Dying and Departure of our last past-lives – Thur. May 3rd 

2.     Transition to the Other Side  –  Thur. May 10th

3.     Working with our soul groupssoul-mates and guides – Thur. May 17th

4.     Developing our soul contracts and life charts –  Thur. May 24th

5.     Preparing to come back into our next lives –  Thur. May 31st

6.     The birth process and soul’s integration into our bodies Thur. June 7th

7.     Understanding and working with the Ego – Thur. June 14th

8.     Finding our life purpose  –Thur. June 21st

9.     (Schedule Make up date- Thur June 28th)


Cost: is $25 per class and it is pay as you go. You do not need to attend each class to participate and you will have an opportunity to make up a class if you miss it. If you would like to pay up front for all 8 classes, the cost is $20 per of $160 total. (We will be doing regressions and/or meditations in most classes).