7 pm SPIRIT CIRCLE – Sandy Stangler

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A “Spirit Circle” is a concentrated practice of your Psychic and Meditation abilities.
It is originated from teachings I learned from James Van Praagh.
In a Spirit Circle, we open up psychically during Meditation to Spirit, and receive messages
and signs, for other’s in our Spirit Circle. It is a BIG boost to engaging your psychic abilities as
well as deeper Meditation. After the meditation we share our messages with each other.
Consistency is the key! This is because we each will begin  “blending” our energies,
and we will begin to receive messages that connect to, or are the exact same messages
as other’s in the group. Messages can be a color, thought, image, sound, audible words or
a deceased loved one with a message to give.
It’s an incredible experience.
We will begin with a 20 min. Meditation and work up to 30-40 min.
Note: Prior psychic training or class is required.
May 31st….June 14, 28…July 12, 26…August 9, 23…Sept. 6, 20…
                Oct. 4, 18…Nov. 1, 15, 29…Dec. 13th

7:00 – 9:00 pm.   Cost: $25