7 pm ONENESS STUDY GROUP with Bobby Sullivan

Starts February 14, 2019 then every Thursday until April 4, 2019
Time: to


Each week we will explore astounding metaphysical concepts and catalysts for change. This is for those wishing to delve deeper into their spiritual journey and have group discussions and meditations that will help open up the understanding and experience of what’s happening now in their lives.

We will be using the book “Oneness” by Rasha as a foundation of discussions each week.

Some topics covered will be:

–       Understanding the experience of ascension.

–       Co-creation and breaking patterns that create unwanted outcomes.

–       How to recognize and decline the invitation of conflict in our lives.

–       Releasing the cellular imprinting experiential history of our many lives.

–       Integrating the momentum of change as a population.

–       Embracing the rule changes of physical reality.

–       Understanding the role of relationships in our journey.

–       Attaining a freedom from attachment.

–       Vibrational nature of today’s children and generations to come.

–       Integrating change into one’s self definition.

–       Creating a foundation for compassion.

–       Detaching from the details of the Illusion.

–       Sourcing inner guidance.

–       Being Nowhere, Nothing, No-one — Here —-Now.

–       Viewing your life thru the eyes of Oneness ………………..And Much More!


*Discover clues that inspire us to create the kind of lives we long for and help us release the energies that prevent us from realizing our dreams.

*Learn to recognize the emotional patterns that undermine our best intentions. As we start to harmonize with the powerful energies building all around us–and with the power of Creation that’s driving it.

*Together we will take a sacred, experiential journey that leaves us timeless tools for real transformation and a clear roadmap of the inner path to enlightenment.

To Register: Email Bobby Sullivan at bobbyosullivan@mac.com or call 612-749-7755 

The Center for Spiritual Development is located at 5356 Chicago Ave. So. (across from Aqualand).