7 PM GALLERY EVENT – Carol Lowell


C a r o l  Lowell is  a  n a t i o n a ll y  r e c o g n i z e d  m e d i u m , p s y c h i c  and  h e a l e r .

C a r o l will be conducting a very special event for attendees during which she will be using her unique skills, to assist select individuals in communicating with Guides, Angels and loved ones. Whether you seek greater clarity on this topic or are just curious and want to learn, we are sure you will find this event to be fun as well as thought provoking.

C a r o l   cannot  e n s u r e   communication  with a specific individual spirit . H o w e v e r, h e r abilities provide attendees with valuable and often surprising insight, into the spiritual realm. Please note that participation in such spiritual communication will be on a volunteer basis and, the number of those who are selected, may be limited by the time available. The information Carol receives will be provided in a shared group setting. T h e s e  b r i e f  r e a d i n g s  a r e  n o t intended  t o   b e   extensive in scope,  h o w e v e r  private individual  appointments   with  Carol can  b e  arranged  f o r  m o r e    in – d e p t h  spiritual exploration.


Pre-registration is required

For further information contact: Carol Lowell 612-840-3562 or carolmargaretnow@gmail.com