Starts May 12, 2020 then every Tuesday until June 16, 2020
Time: to
Location: ZOOM

The Art and Understanding

of Clearing

Earthbound Spirits and Energy

With Bobby Sullivan


I will be offering a 6-week online Zoom workshop on: learning how to clear spaces, places and people of Earth Bound Spirit Energy. In this series, we will examine the different types of energy you may encounter, how it looks, feels, sounds and smells. I will show you how to enter, assess and clear a space. You will learn techniques on connecting with the earthbound spirits, how to motivate them to cross and how to keep them crossed. We will examine numerous types of situations that you could run into to and give you the skills to help others with these types of situations.

Classes will be Tuesday Evenings from 7pm – 8:30pm May 12th – June 16th – online in Zoom. Cost is $20 per class.

To Register, please email me at: bobbyosullivan@mac.com

Class 1

What are ghosts

Why are ghosts here

What do ghosts look like

How do we do see ghosts

What do ghosts feel like

How do ghosts get their power

How do ghosts interact with people

Developing your intuition

The different types of things you may run into

Class 2

Assessing a case

Pre-Interviewing the person being affected

Setting up a visit

Entering into the space

Meeting with people in the space

Walking the space

Finding a place to connect

Call upon your help

Connecting with the spirits

Class 3

Classifying the groups of what’s there

Identifying the leaders of the groups

Determining, the reasons they are there

Establishing your power in the situation

Looking for attachment to others in the house

How to be a therapist and a bouncer

Looking for help from their soul

Working the other group members first

Getting agreement for crossing over

Organizing the crossover

Calling upon all others including animals that want to go

Class 4

Clearing the space after the crossing

Speaking with the space owners afterwards

Rules for the space owners in moving forward

Following up with owners

The need for repeated visits

What to do with cases that won’t go away

Potential other problems that can arise

What to do if your energy is affected

Different case studies to review

What to stay away from

Absentee clearing

Class 5


Ghost Sex. Rape or abuse




4th Dimension beings

Astral projectors

Native Americans



Working with groups from the other side

Working with Paranormal groups


Class 6

In the field; We will find a place that is in need of clearing. You will be able to see me clear it by Zoom.

***Please note that if you are not able to make a class, I can provide a recording of the class for make-up. All classes must be participated in to take part in the field clearing.