6 pm SPIRIT CIRCLE with Thomas John

Time: to

 Circle with Thomas John 

Date: August 14th

Time: 6pm-7:30pm

Location: Center for Intutive Living: 5356 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417


Experience Spirit Up Close and Personal!

Join Thomas John for an intimate 1.5 hours of connection with Spirit.  During this event, Thomas will lead the group of 10 people through a brief prayer or meditation, and then the readings will begin. Thomas will provide EVERY participant with a message from a loved one in Spirit and/or intuitive information that is shared to him through his guides and loved ones. What to Expect: * Every participant receives an individual reading with messages. * Share in the experience of hearing other’s connect with their loved ones. * Learn about the dynamics of the Other Side, and gain validation through your own reading, as well as listening to the readings of Others Please note: Though everyone receives a reading in these environments, Thomas can’t make a guarantee that particular messages will come through or particular Spirits will come through. Thomas is a vessel for spiritual communication and he allows the Spirits to choose who comes through, what they say, and why they say it.

Tickets: $225

Call: 347.637.8592 or email at: info@mediumthomas.com