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The center is open the first Saturday of each month for Readings, Healings & more. 11:00 -4:00 pm

Kris Harper Angelic Guidance/Intuitive Coaching, Essential Oils Wellness Consults  Pre-book appts: and/or through her website:

Sandy Stangler Psychic- Medium, Healer, Mentor Pre-book  or 952-210-5031

Nikki Bodine, Psychic, Animal Communicator Pre-book  952-886-0633 or

Alison James, Professional Psychic Medium & Animal Intuitive.  Pre-book

Angi Jara, Reiki Healer Pre- book at or  651-252-9060

Gail Glover, Laying on Hands healer, Pre-book at

Elizabeth Wolfe, Astrologer  Pre-book at

Lisa Sheflet, Psychic, Medium  Pre-book

Julie Seiler, Reflexologist, Pre-book 30 minutes/$45  60 minutes/$70

Jessica Franklin, Intuitive Energy Healer, Pre-book

Nikki Foster, Tarot and Laying on Hands Healer  Pre-book

Anna Larson, Chair Massage, Pre-book

Edie Dull, Animal Communicator, Pre-book

Vicki Green, Tarot, Psychic  Pre-book