Living from Your Intuition

Saturday, April 27th  10-5

 What is intuition? What does it feel like? How can we trust our inner voice when we receive so many mixed messages from others in the world?  Speaking straight from her heart, author Echo Bodine will teach you how to use your intuition to live a happier and more fulfilling life by opening yourself to your life’s greatest gift – your intuition.


  • How intuition works and where it comes from
  • Why Echo says “intuition is like discovering the magic in life”
  • How to tell the difference between your intuition, emotion, and psychic information
  • How to trust your inner voice when we receive so many mixed messages from the world
  • What to do when your intuition tells you something that could change your life
  • How intuition can help you to get through your life with peace and grace

“Your intuition will guide you. Your part is to do what it suggests.
It may bring some changes to your life, but you will feel fully alive.”
– Echo Bodine

This workshop will be held at the Center for Intuitive Living.

5356 Chicago Ave. So in Minneapolis. 55417.


You need to register with Echo at Echo@echobodine.com.