1 pm ASTROLOGY 202 – Julie Seiler

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Astrology 202 – (pre-requisite is Astrology 101)

• How do the Moon cycles affect me?
• What are Transiting Planets and what do they do?
• The Four Powerpoints in your chart
• What is an Aspect and what does it ?
• What is an Eclipse and how does it affect me?
• Asteroids – what they do and mean to me
• What type of chart are you?
• Comparing and contrasting charts with others
• All classes from 1 to 4 p.m. at The Center. $30/per class, per person.
• Astrology 101 is a pre-requisite for 202
• Classes build upon one another, it is recommended to take the entire series.
• Please contact Julie Seiler for class registration: djspunky6234@yahoo.com; 763.257.9355; Email, Text or Call
• You will need your natal/birth chart for this class. Julie can print one, in color, for an additional $10. Please contact her for this service.