1 pm ASTROLOGY 101 – Julie Seiler

Starts March 1, 2020 then every Sunday until March 22, 2020
Time: to

Astrology 101
• As Above, So Below! What’s shaking in the Universe creates waves on Earth!
• Be able to “speak the language” and understand what it means
• Learn how the signs, planets, houses and moon affect you
• Be able to read and understand your own natal birth chart/wheel
• Know yourself better, what makes you “tick”
• Use in everyday life to help understand the world and those around you
• All classes from 1 to 4 p.m. at The Center. $30/per class, per person.
• Discount provided for people would already took this series, but would like a class refresher, please contact Julie for this information.
• Classes build upon one another, it is recommended to take the entire series.
• Please contact Julie Seiler for class registration: djspunky6234@yahoo.com; 763.257.9355; Email, Text or Call
• You will need a natal/birth chart for this class. Julie can print one, in color, for an additional $10. Please contact her for this service.