December 2012

It’s been close to two months since my last blog and once again I apologize for that. My dear sweet mom passed away on October 4 and life definitely changed that day. I went inward for awhile because I needed to just be with the grief for awhile but as time passed and I’ve been in communication with her on three different occasions, I’m coming back out which feels good. I was able to finish my latest book What Happens When We Die. I had been stuck on the last chapter forever but after dealing with such a deep personal loss, the words just flowed out of me. Unfortunately the book won’t be in the stores till next fall, but when it does get out there in the world, I really believe it will help a lot of people dealing with loss.

Speaking of loss, we are now dealing with the loss of the beautiful souls in Connecticut. Yes we need some sort of gun control, but it goes deeper than that. Look at the violence in the movies, on tv and in video games. Look at the age of all the shooters. Their generation grew up on violence. It’s everywhere they look. No, I’m not excusing their behavior, but I’m saying that the constant message they are receiving is that this kind of thing is okay. I wish religions would get with the program and teach that karma is real. This isn’t some made up pot smoking hippie ideology. When these shooters get to heaven after killing themselves, they are faced with all the souls they just murdered. The children are asking for their parents, the murdered adults want to get back to their families. It’s a mess. So if any of you are thinking that these shooters are not impacted by what they did, it is quite the opposite. They are heavily impacted with it. What we do unto others is what is done to us. It’s the Golden Rule, pure and simple. There are several loved ones of these victims on the other side that will help them with this. And there is plenty of angelic and other loving helpers there that help when these type of things happen. But that’s over there and we have things to deal with on this side. It’s going to be interesting to watch this whole gun control issue work itself out if it even does. What a shame that politics controls so much of our lives but then again, they are a reflection of us.

I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer (talking to God )and meditation (listening to God) and what keeps coming is that OUR INTUITION IS CONTINUALLY GUIDING US AND WE AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION.

My intuitive sense is that there’s still one more thing coming before the end of the year. This is a tough time for those of us remaining on the planet. Have you noticed how many souls left this year. A heavy year of quick, shocking deaths. The energy that’s out there right now is quick and shocking. (Uranus). I’m not much of an astrologer so I can’t explain it in astrological terms but psychically my sense is that we are being pushed pushed pushed to give up the things in our life that are causing pain to us or the people around us. Old negative patterns are in our face right now. Alcoholics/addicts are getting slammed with DWI’s. Marriages are being confronted with the un-happiness that everyone tries to ignore. If you have an unhealthy relationship with money, the consequences of that will be smacking you in the face. This isn’t a time for sissies and I believe that’s why so many souls have left this year.

The world isn’t coming to an end next Friday, but can you see how the Universe is trying to make a shift in your life so that you are a happier person? It’s gonna keep it up too. It’s like you can hear the Universe saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

So what would you say that you are resisting to change in your life that is causing you unhappiness? My thing is my weight. I’ve hated being this big and yet, I hate diets. The weight isn’t good for my body, my knees or my back, but I’ve been very resistant to doing anything about it. Finally, the Universe has been giving me lots of signs and also a great deal of encouragement that now is the time to do this. Get rid of it once and for all, and that’s what I’m doing. There’s a diet called HCG that’s been around since the 50’s but it’s been updated and I think more safe and effective. I’ve been on it for a week and have already lost 11.5 pounds. Yup. It works that fast. Many people asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it during the holidays and the thought I had was that I could gain more weight through December and then have that much more to lose in January or I could avoid all the sugary treats in December and get ahead of it all.

A couple of my friends started around the same time I did, after one of our friends lost 28 lbs in 40 days, and it’s fun to do it with others. We all support each other in letting go of the one thing we’ve held on to for so long. It’s very very cool. In case you’re interested in doing this with us, the nutritionist/nurse is Taiha Wagner and her number is 612-309-0407. She’s here in the Twin Cities. Maybe we should start a support group for HCG’ers.

The last thing I want to share before saying goodbye this time is that when I was meditating, the word community kept coming to me. I’ve been asking God to show me what the next part of my work is supposed to be about and the word community keeps coming to me. I want to create this amazing community around the world of people who live by their inner voice. We already have the website: but I need to be a lot more active with it and at this point, I’m not sure what that looks like. I would love to see support groups all over the globe of people living by their inner voice. I’ve written a book called A Still Small Voice that helps you understand intuition and how to live by it, if you are someone who isn’t sure what all of this means. We just have to make this shift from the old way of only living from our heads, to living with the divine intelligence and guidance from within. That doesn’t mean we don’t need our minds but they are meant to work as a partnership. Our intuition guides us and our mind carries it out. It’s a great partnership.

If you need help letting go of your resistance, you can always send an email to the healing pen pals on my website: Click on it and you’ll be shown what to do.

Thanks for visiting today. Sorry for the long delay. I think I’m back.

Happy Holidays.


P.S. If you would like to read astrologically what’s happening right now, be sure to read Nancy Jernanders’s astrological update for December on the intuition website

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter