Are We Safe? Disasters, Dictators and Decisions

By Echo Bodine / September 6, 2017

Am I safe? Are my loved ones OK? Is (fill in the blank) a good idea? These days, people are talking about how tricky it is to make good decisions when there are so many difficult things going on in the world. Your intuition can guide you, but that can be difficult if you’re being blocked by indecision and fear. In today’s video, I’m talking about how your intuition can guide you to keep calm and carry on. Ask your intuition to guide you. “Are you safe? Are your loved ones safe?” If you get that feeling inside of yes,…


In Person and Online Psychic Classes begin this month

By Echo Bodine / January 6, 2017

The holidays are over, we have a brand new year and if you’ve thought about developing, discovering or understanding your psychic gifts, we’ve got just what you need. I’m starting a new 16-week psychic/spiritual development class at The Center next Tuesday and the 6-week Online Psychic Development course begins January 23rd. You can be anywhere on this planet with access to a computer, and learn how to develop your gifts. Wonderful friendships develop in these classes with people of like mind. Psychic/Spiritual Development at The Center Tuesday, January 10th 7 – 9:15 pm begins a 16-week class taught by Echo Bodine. Topics…


The Polarization of The Election

By Echo Bodine / September 4, 2012

I had an interesting experience yesterday regarding the presidential election. I was thinking about the different candidates and all the nastiness going on with the parties. It made me feel so sad that we’re so polarized and I was thinking how the polarization will be following the election. People are going to be so angry if their choice didn’t win. Half the country will be supportive of the president and the other half will bitch about how awful everything is for the next four years (like it is now). As I sat thinking about the two candidates running for office,…


What a Day

By Echo Bodine / May 2, 2011

Wow. What a feeling in the air today. It’s very un-settling. There’s a mixture of jubilation and hatred all mixed together. I feel like I want to crawl in a hole for about a week until all the feelings settle and people get back to normal. I’m speaking of course, about the death of Bin Laden. Whenever someone dies, I always check in on their soul to see how they’re coping with the loss of their body and life on earth and even though I had no desire to see how he was doing, that door opened last night, and I saw his…