Strange Ghost Fact #3 … and that time JFK and Elvis showed up to one of my readings!

By Echo Bodine / October 28, 2021

Question: I have a friend who can’t get past the death of their loved one. Sometimes I have a feeling that the deceased person’s spirit is holding on to the Earth plane because of my friend can’t let go. Am I making this up? Ghost Fact: No, you’re definitely not making this up. People have a tendency to pull on the soul of a deceased person when they die. That can be tough on the soul. When you hear of someone dying, always encourage them to go into the light instead of staying here and remaining earthbound. You don’t want…


Strange Ghost Fact #2: Many ghosts can be romantics

By Echo Bodine / October 27, 2021

Question: Can ghosts ever feel like they’re “in love” with a living person? Fact: Many ghosts can be romantics. Sometimes a ghost gets really attached to someone on this side and can’t let go. Here’s another true story: “A few years ago, I received a call from a realtor who said that a house he was trying to sell had been on the market for several months and all the prospective buyers seemed frightened before they even got in the front door. Some would turn around and leave without going inside. My brother Michael wasn’t able to go this time,…


Strange Ghost Fact #1: Some people think of their ghosts as pets

By Echo Bodine / October 26, 2021

How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming a Ghost This Friday, October 29 at 8:00 pm CST Question: Sometimes my dog growls when there’s no one in the room. It seems like he’s paying attention to things that aren’t there. What’s going on?!   Ghost Fact: If your dog growls or your cat hisses at nothing or your children talk to “nothing,” chances are you have a ghost or a visiting spirit. “Here’s another strange fact: some people think of their ghosts as pets, and what’s sad is that these souls often think of themselves as pets. They’re grateful to be…


NEW! How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming a Ghost

By Echo Bodine / October 22, 2021

How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming a Ghost Live event on Friday, October 29 at 8 CST Have you ever wondered why someone chooses to be a ghost? Do you ever worry that you might become one? Join me for a new live Zoom event, How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming a Ghost! This one-time event is on Friday, October 29 from 8:00 – 9:30 pm CST. Click to register now. Let’s talk about ghosts! I’ll answer everything you’ve always wanted to know about ghosts but were afraid to ask. Questions like: What is a GHOST??? Are ghosts real? Are they scary monsters that roam…


Online Psychic Development begins Tuesday, October 19

By Echo Bodine / October 15, 2021

Online Psychic Development for Beginners The next session of my online class, Psychic Development for Beginners, starts Tuesday, October 19, 2021. Over the past 10 years, this course has taught thousands of people around the world how to open up to their psychic gifts. Register today to save your seat! Highlights: daily audio lectures and videos (learn at your own pace) live, recorded Zoom calls with Echo every other Thursday at 6 CST partner and group practice exercises a private forum to connect and discuss with your classmates ongoing discussion, Q&A, and support All coursework, videos, and discussions are available…


Last Aurapalooza this Saturday, Oct. 16th 10-5. Cottage House open as well

By Echo Bodine / October 12, 2021

Next Online Class October 19: Psychic Development for Beginners This interactive 6-week course has taught people on 6 continents. We will take you through a wide range of engaging activities, all designed to open you up to your soul’s gifts.     Aurapalooza: Saturday, October 16 Hello, As most of you know, our building is being torn down so this will be the last Aurapalooza that we have in this building. As of yet, we don’t have a new home to go to yet, but when we do find a building, I will definitely let you know. I hope you can…


New podcast, new classes!

By Echo Bodine / October 7, 2021

Upcoming Online Classes New podcast! Intuitive Living 085: Anxiety and Healing October 7: Advanced Psychic Practice Group NEW GROUP! Advanced Psychic Practice Private Community: free to graduates of Echo’s online psychic classes (see below for details) October 19: Psychic Development for Beginners “You know more than you think you know. You know more than you allow yourself to see. Stay open.” — channeled message from the Pleiades through Echo Bodine, 9/23/21 As I shared with you two weeks ago, I’ve been hearing from the Pleiades in recent weeks, and I will continue to share these messages with you as they come to me. The information…


Mini Palooza Saturday, Oct. 2 & Upcoming Opportunities

By Echo Bodine / September 29, 2021

UPCOMING ONLINE AND IN-PERSON EVENTS   Oct. 2 from 10-2 Mini Palooza  The Center 5516 Lyndale Ave. So. (see below) Oct 7 at 6 CST: Advanced Psychic Practice Group – Zoom class October 10: CollageX: one-day holistic and metaphysical experience. Register now. Oct 19: Psychic Development for Beginners – 6-week Online Course           Mini Palooza this Saturday, Oct. 2 from 10 – 2 pm The NEW Center at 5516 Lyndale Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN   Hello, A couple of years ago I created the Mini Palooza for people who couldn’t handle the big crowds at our big…


Saturday, Sept. 2 Mini Palooza 10-2

By Echo Bodine / September 28, 2021

Hello, A couple of years ago I created the mini palooza for people who couldn’t handle the big crowds at our big palooza on the third Saturday of every month. We are doing our last mini palooza this Saturday, Oct. 2nd from 10-2.   For those of you who love The Cottage House, they will also be open from 10-2. Here is a list of the vendors that will be there. I recommend pre-booking to make sure you get the vendor you want. You can do that by emailing them. Vendors for Oct. 2nd and their room no.  5516 Lyndale Ave.…


Three upcoming opportunities: In person and online

By Echo Bodine / September 27, 2021

UPCOMING OCTOBER EVENTS Oct 7th at 6 CST: Advanced Psychic Practice Group – Zoom class October 10: CollageX – one-day holistic and metaphysical experience…LIVE and IN PERSON! Register now. Oct 19: Psychic Development for Beginners – 6-week online course   COLLAGEX October 10 at Savage McColl Nature Center 2:00 pm: “Using Your Spiritual Gifts to Navigate Life” – Echo Bodine A couple months back a colleague reached out to me about designing an intensive live experience in which participants could actively design a day full of inspiration, creativity, discovery, and joy. From that seed of an idea grew an amazing offering called…