On-going How To Live Intuitively Class begins Wed. January 6th 6-7:15pm

By Echo Bodine / January 1, 2021

Living Intuitively Weekly Practice Group Echo Bodine January 6th from 6-7:15pm – $15   Think back to the last time you heard yourself say I knew I should have gone that way, or I knew I was going to run into that person, or I knew who was on the phone. Maybe you just got a feeling that the time was right to call that prospective client and you ended up making a great sale. Or you were driving home and your head wanted you to take the freeway but you knew you should take the surface drive and you…


New Classes coming in January

By Echo Bodine / December 29, 2020

NEW! NEW OFFERING IN 2021 Did you know that 90% of the people that take my psychic development classes do so not to become a professional psychic, but to enhance the career they already have? I’ve worked with realtors, teachers, nurses, doctors, and therapists, to name just a few. Clairvoyance means that you’re seeing pictures and visions, in your head, that later come true. Clairaudience is receiving thoughts from the Universe/God and spirit guides. Mental telepathy is also a kind of clairaudience. The Universe has many ways to communicate to us and psychic abilities is one of the best forms of communication. Knowing what kind of…


Lets Zoom at 7:00 tonight about Living Intuitively

By Echo Bodine / December 19, 2020

Join me tonight at 7pm Central on Zoom as I share musings on how to live life through your intuition – $10


New Podcast and Saturday Night Intuition Event

By Echo Bodine / December 17, 2020

Hello and Happy Holidays Here is our latest podcast with our guest Master Numerologist Wes Hamilton   And here is an event I’m doing this Saturday night online for Metamorphosis: Starting Jan. 6th I’m going to be teaching an on-going class on Living Intuitively. I hope you can join me Saturday night 7-8:00pm and I’ll talk more about the class then. I hope inspite of all that’s going on right now, I hope you’re able to find some peace and joy in each day. Living Intuitively Saturday, December 19th at 7pm Click link to register – $10 Many…


By Echo Bodine / December 15, 2020

Hello and Happy Holidays        Over the years you’ve heard me talk about my friend Master Wes Hamilton and how much he has helped me on my journey to understand my destiny this life time. Wes and his gifted wife Lori Palm have put together several different opportunities for you to learn about yourself, your potential and your destiny. I asked Wes if I could let all of you know about their programs and he sent me this list. I hope you can take some time to check out everything that they have to offer. It’s definitely in…


Bobby’s new class begins Dec. 2nd

By Echo Bodine / November 25, 2020

 New Zoom 3 Week Workshop Series: Letting Go, Surrender and Non-Attachment With Bobby Sullivan “Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it”-Anne Landers It happens to you slowly as you grow…You discover more about who you are and what you want out of life and then you realize there are deliberate changes you need to make to keep up with the changes happening around you and within you. Letting Go, Surrendering, and Detaching can be difficult…In this series we will…


A New Program by Wes Hamilton and Lori Palm

By Echo Bodine / November 16, 2020

Hello, You’ve heard me rave about my friends Wes Hamilton and Lori Palm for several years now and they have created a new program that I think you might be interested in. Remember Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton? You might know them from their coaching, speaking, Core Passion Assessment work, or Wes’s Master Numerology work that they have done for many years. As they’ve been working with people one-on-one in 2020, it became clear that people have been struggling with the chaos and others were ready for a life upgrade. They took the challenge to help with this transformation. People…


Thank You Minnesota & Great news about Suzanne Giesemann

By Echo Bodine / November 5, 2020

Hello my friend: I just have to say this because it’s been bugging me ever since I saw this one particular commercial. Last week I was wondering why so many people think Joe Biden is a communist when he’s clearly not a communist/socialist. Why so many people are afraid he’s going to raise their taxes when Joe has said over and over that he is not going to raise taxes unless you make over $400,000. Why so many are afraid there will be no law and order if Joe becomes our next President, when Joe has clearly stated he will…


October Aurapalooza is happening TOMORROW

By Echo Bodine / October 16, 2020

Hosting a Safe Aurapalooza During a Pandemic We are so excited to continue to welcome the Aurapalooza practitioners to the Metamorphosis Center! Every third Saturday of the month from 10am to 5pm we will continue the tradition Echo Bodine started years ago and host this beloved event at our Center. In order to be safe during this pandemic we have instituted these protocols: – YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER TO ATTEND. To ensure social distancing protocols are maintained attendees must pre-register for all reading and healing sessions. – A mask must be worn by all practitioners and participants – We will provide…


Relax, It’s Only A Ghost

By Echo Bodine / October 8, 2020

TITLE: Relax! It’s Only a Ghost: My Adventures with Spirits, Hauntings and Things That Go Bump in the Night SPEAKER: Echo Bodine DATE: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 ~ 8:00 p.m. (ET) PRICE: $39