Robin Williams, Depression and Grief

By Echo Bodine / August 14, 2014

So many of us have been struck by the death of Robin Williams and I’d like to share my thoughts about his passing. I was feeling very very sad on Monday and Tuesday after hearing the news not so much because he had died, but because of the tremendous amount of pain he must have been in to take the measures he did to ensure his suicide would be complete.That level of depression broke my heart to know he was in that much pain. For those of you who have read my books, you know I’ve been labeled manic depressive/bi…


Is Heaven for Real?

By Echo Bodine / April 17, 2014

Last night I saw the new movie Heaven is for Real and I was very touched by it. It’s the story of a four year old boy named Colton Burpo who went to heaven when his body was being operated on and he came back to share his experiences with his family. Sounds sweet and innocent, like a child with a great imagination, but this young boy actually had this experience and it turned quite a few lives upside down. His father just happens to be the pastor of a local church and to watch his struggles with Colton’s accounts…


Thank Goodness Times Have Changed

By Echo Bodine / February 28, 2014

As always, I’d like to start out by saying hello to my friend John Daltrey in Tuscon. I think of you everyday John and wish nothing but the best for you. When I write a blog, I like to write about subjects that most people can relate to but today is going to be different. I saw the movie Philomena on Wednesday and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It’s the true story of an un-wed Irish Catholic young woman in 1952 and the journey she goes through to find her son. ┬áIf you’ve read any of my…


The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

By Echo Bodine / April 11, 2013

Once again, it’s been awhile. The last time I blogged I said that I didn’t get this new space for teaching my classes, but I ended up getting it and I’ve been working on it ever since which is why I haven’t taken the time to blog. First of all, I’d like to say good morning to my friend John D. in Tuscon. I’ve referenced him before in my blogs as he is the man who sends me post cards when it’s time for me to blog again. John has recently been diagnosed with cancer and told me the other…


The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

By Echo Bodine / January 7, 2011

So many thoughts about this homeless man with the golden voice on the news. I’ve watched the video of him on Good Morning America two or three times and love seeing this kind of thing happen. I saw the second piece today. The reunion of he and his mom. Of course I wanted her to embrace him with open arms like the prodigal son, but she was guarded like anyone whose been dealing with alcoholism for many years. I was glad to hear him say he’s got two years of sobriety behind him. In the program they say it takes…


The Movie Hereafter

By Echo Bodine / October 31, 2010

Today I saw the movie Hereafter with Matt Damon. It wasn’t what I expected, yet I don’t know what I expected. It brought up alot of feeilngs about being a psychic. The burdens of having these abilities. The responsibility of reading the information accurately. The impact it has on people’s lives. The loneliness of the gift. People’s expectations of psychically gifted people. It showed people’s desperation to communcate with their deceased loved ones and that part made me cry. I cried for the people whose loved ones had died. I cried for the psychic who did not want to do…


Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

By Echo Bodine / July 6, 2009

It’s been on my mind to write a blog since the week that both Farrah and MJackson passed on to the other side but it always seems like there’s a million other things to do. Today I saw a clip from a show on Larry King where Germaine Jackson was showing people all the locks on Jackson’s bedroom door and in the background you could see a spirit walking across a room. A few people have emailed asking if I thought it was Michael Jackson. I went out in my yard to do some work and get a feel for…


Update on Heath Ledger

By Echo Bodine / January 27, 2008

I teach a Saturday morning class based on the book called Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth and yesterday in class several people talked about being deeply affected by Heath’s Ledgers death this week. This morning in my meditation, I checked in to the other side to see if I could get a glimpse of how he is doing and was pleasantly surprised to see he is doing well. There were so many people that came to greet him as he “came home” and I saw many people hugging him and congratulating him for all that he accomplished.…