Meditation Tonight at 7 CST and new class

By Echo Bodine / November 25, 2022

Hello, I want to remind you about tonight’s 45 minute meditation on Zoom at 7:00pm CST. You can sign up as late as 6:30. Send me an email to and after I receive payment I will send you the zoom link. You can pay through or venmo  Echo-Bodine Cycles of the Soul.  The next Jesus class begins this coming Wednesday night 7:00pm CST on Zoom. If you haven’t experienced Gina Lake books yet, I highly recommend you do. She channels Jesus and his messages are of current times. They are so helpful and healing. There are many books…


Friday Night Meditation via Zoom on November 25th

By Echo Bodine / November 21, 2022

Hello, Remember back at the old place I did those Friday night meditations the last Friday of the month? Well, I’m being guided to do one this Friday night and I thought I would let you know. It’s on Zoom. 7:00pm CST. You need to let me know if you’ll be attending because of being on Zoom. Just send an email to and I’ll put you on the list. It’s still $20 and you can pay through Venmo or PayPal. or Venmo  Echo-Bodine. I hope you can make it. Those meditations were always so special. Happy Thanksgiving, Echo


Channeling from the Angels & Friday Night Meditation Nov. 25th 7:00pm CST on Zoom

By Echo Bodine / November 19, 2022

Hello,  In my Wednesday night Jesus study group, a group of Angels came in and channeled a message through me which I would like to share with you. Before I do, I want to clarify the upcoming Gina Lake book Cycles of the Soul begins Wed. Nov. 30th NOT Thursday, Dec. 1st.  Here is the sweet channeling from the Angels: The angels seem happy and I’m asking why…. 11/18/2022 Things on the earth plane are shifting, there is a tenderness taking place in people, that people don’t even understand themselves.  A kindness, a generosity, a desire to get along!  …


The next Gina Lake study book starts Wed. Nov. 30th 7:00-8:30 pm CST

By Echo Bodine / November 17, 2022

    I can hardly wait until December 1st when the Wednesday night Study Group begins reading this very cool book. Join us if you can. It’s on Zoom. We read a portion of every week, discuss it and end class with a meditation. It’s $20 per week. If you would like to join me, simply send me an email, and I will put you on the list. This is a great way to move through the holidays.


Reputable Psychics, Healers, Numerologist, Astrologers and more. New Class also

By Echo Bodine / November 14, 2022

Hello, Most of you know I had to close the latest Center last year which was a bummer. What you might not know is that we created a Virtual Center on line where you can see each of the vendors and still set up appointments with them. Here is the link: Many of you have requested a psychic development class, so I’ve created one that will start Thursday, January 5th at 7:00pm CST on Zoom. Here are the details: 10 Week Psychic Development #101 begins Thursday, January 5th 7:00-8:30pm CST   $35 per week. Lesson 1  Intuition. This is very…


10 Week Psychic Development #101 begins Thursday, January 5th

By Echo Bodine / November 9, 2022

Begins Thursday, January 5th for 8 weeks 7-8:30pm CST via Zoom $35 per week Register by emailing Lesson 1  Intuition. This is very important because we use our intuition to verify if psychic information is accurate. Every week we talk about intuition Lesson 2  Clairsentience.  This is the gift of sensing. We’ll discuss this gift first because you need to understand your sensitivity and how to work with it. I’ll teach ways to protect yourself from absorbing other people’s illnesses and thoughts. Lesson 3  Clairaudience.  This is the gift of hearing information from the Universe, spirit guides, deceased loved…


6 Week Psychic Development #102 begins Thursday, March 16th

By Echo Bodine / November 8, 2022

Begins Thursday, March 16th for 6 weeks 7-8:30pm via Zoom $35 per week Topics Include Astral Projection or soul travel Reincarnation and karma Ghosts Death and dying Life after death Register by emailing


Cycles of the Soul Book Club begins Wednesday, November 30th

By Echo Bodine / November 8, 2022

    New Book Club begins Wednesday, November 30th. 7-8:30 CST $20 per week The class will be on Zoom. Register by emailing


Echo Bodine and How to Live a Happily Ever Afterlife – Interview with Big Seance

By Echo Bodine / November 5, 2022

I Lost It At the Post Office/Jammies with Jesus Class

By Echo Bodine / October 29, 2022

I Lost It At The Post Office This is a new one for me. I actually lost my temper at the Post Office on Friday. There was a man bombarding the poor postal worker with all kinds of doom and gloom according to the Bible. The Stock Market is going to crash and we’re all going to be poor. The end is near. The government won’t help us. They will just keep ripping us off. Every statement he made he backed up with scripture and he wouldn’t stop. Well after he was done with his purchase, he kept on spewing…