Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Shocking

By Echo Bodine / November 23, 2022

I woke up today feeling concerned for people and my inner voice said Life Doesn’t Have To Be Shocking. I followed the words so to speak to see where the message was going and again it has to do with intuition. Most of the world lives by the voices in their head. The shoulds, the expectations, listening to the news everyday, wondering when the shoe is going to drop in their lives. EWE. The choices we think we have are so limited when we only live from our head. Let me give you some examples. This is the week of…


Higher Perspective

By Echo Bodine / July 18, 2022

Our world seems to be in continual crisis with many people feeling hopeless, distraught or depressed. I often receive emails asking why God lets horrible things happen and why doesn’t he do anything about them. Others want to know if it’s true that we plan our own lives and why would we ever choose to have such difficult experiences. I thought it might be helpful if I share a higher perspective of life as I’ve come to understand our time here on Earth. Most of you know I’ve been on this journey for as far back as I can remember.…