Easter Blog March ’24

By Echo Bodine / March 14, 2024

Easter Blog March 2024 Every year around Easter time, I seem to slide into a depression that feels really deep. It’s like a very strong sadness about something my soul hasn’t been able to let go of. Yesterday, I sat down with my inner child, pencil in my non-dominant hand (that’s how I access my inner child) and asked her what is wrong. She said she’s sad that Jesus died and hates the fact that we are reminded of it every year around this time. Wow. I was shocked at that answer. I thought I had dealt with that years…


Jesus Retreat

By Echo Bodine / January 24, 2024

Hello my friend, A very dear friend of mine, Dr. Shai Tubali, did a retreat on Jesus last Spring that he is now making available for sale. This is a rare treat for all of us who are searching for meaning to  a lot of life’s mysteries. He is a very gifted teacher with a Ph.D in Philosophy. If you’re searching for things to make sense, definitely check this out. Sincerely, Echo The Heart of Jesus – An Online Retreat to Awaken the Divine Child in Us


Meditation Tonight 7:00pm cst

By Echo Bodine / December 29, 2023

Hello all you beautiful people that watch the show on Tuesday nights (and the rest of you, of course). I had this cool thought today. In your life what would you say is ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.? 2023 was about clearing out old stuff, seeing ourselves more clearly, realizing what we want and don’t want in our lives and finding the courage to make some changes. 2024 is about realizing our goals and dreams. The energy is all about supporting action in our lives. Being stuck in patterns is getting old. Let’s move on together. I”m doing an end of the…


Topic for Thursday Night GSG and Friday Night’s End of the year Meditation 7:00pm cst

By Echo Bodine / December 27, 2023

The Gifts of the Spirit: Satan or the Holy Spirit? Hello Everyone: Today I was reading a post from one of my students about the struggles she goes through with her psychic abilities and some guy made the comment that this is demonic and she needs to find Jesus. NOTHING gets my ire up more than comments like that. I know that many of my students worry about this kind of thing, going against what they’ve been taught about psychic and healing gifts, so I’m thinking why not look at that whole subject.   I’m going to go through many…


End of the Year Meditation – Friday, December 29th at 7pm CST

By Echo Bodine / December 12, 2023

Meditation will take place via Zoom. While we used to do them in person, Zoom makes it possible to reach people all over the globe which is really cool. It’s 45 minutes long. Very relaxing and also healing. $20. Register at jr4Echo@gmail.com.


TONIGHT 7:00pm Central……………………Your Soul and Reincarnation

By Echo Bodine / December 7, 2023

Hello, Do you ever wonder why you’re here or why life is so hard or what’s the point of everything? Tonight is my new class, a Global Support Group from 7:00-8:30pm central time. Each week my intuition gives me a topic to talk about then open up the class for discussion. Tonight’s topic is your Soul and Reincarnation. If you can’t make it, you can always listen to the recording. It’s $20. and if you’re interested, send an email and JR will send you the link:  jr4Echo@gmail.com I hope you can join me. It’s so fun to see so many…


Shoulds versus Intuition

By Echo Bodine / November 11, 2023

Shoulds versus Intuition I was standing in my yard at the beginning of October telling myself I better get going on getting read for winter and I heard my inner voice say “you’ve got time.” Hmmm. That was an interesting message since October’s always the month to “git er dun”. I got quiet in my head and asked my inner voice how much time I had and I heard Nov. 15th. WHAT????? Normally it should all be done by November 15th. Everything put away for the winter, but I checked a second time and got the same date. Imagine my…


Messages from the Masters October 13th

By Echo Bodine / October 9, 2023

Do you have questions about the universe, your purpose, or what’s happening in our world today?  Join Wes Hamilton and me on Friday, October 13th from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at The New Center, 8W 66th Street, Richfield, MN  $60/person


Saturday’s Soul Workshop has changed over to Zoom & New Blog

By Echo Bodine / September 25, 2023

I am changing the format for this Saturday’s Soul Workshop. We are going to do this on Zoom. We will start at 11:00 am CST, take a short break at 12:15 and take a half-hour break at 2:00pm CST. We’ll resume at 2:30 and go until 5:00pm. This workshop is about the Soul’s Perspective of Before Life, Life, Death and After Death. The cost is $99 and you sign up by sending an email to: jr4echo@gmail.com. I hope you can join me. It’s going to be a great day. Next, I would like to share a blog I wrote on…


Quote from Mark Twain

By Echo Bodine / September 22, 2023

Hello A friend gave me a card this morning that had this quote from Mark Twain: The most IMPORTANT DAYS in your LIFE are the day YOU WERE BORN and the day you find out WHY.  Mark Twain. I think that’s really cool. Especially these days when we’re feeling the nudge to get on with what we came here to do. If you are searching right now, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND  having a session with Master Numerologist Wes Hamilton. He is so good at helping you find your WHY. The Center is going to have a mini-aurapalooza on Saturday, Oct. 7th…