A Step at a Time

By Echo Bodine / October 13, 2008

I love projects. Short projects. Not long projects (like writing books). I get bored quickly (Gemini rising) so I like creative projects that I can start and finish within a week. This week-ends project was making a reversible fleece jacket for my sister. I had never made one before and it sounded like fun so I decided to give it a try. I observed something about myself that seemed like a perfect analogy for what I’ve been blogging about lately. Because this was a brand new pattern, something I had never tried before, I kept skipping ahead in the directions…


We Can Do This

By Echo Bodine / October 11, 2008

One of the best things that came out of 9/11 is that we pulled together as a nation and it felt great. I read somewhere this week (I think it was Karen Bishops Energy Alert) that we’re going back to a time when we all worked together to help each other out. Like many many years ago when a snow storm hit and everyone got out and helped each other shovel. I remember those days when I was a kid. Everyone helped each other back then. We hardly see that anymore but we did see it for a few brief…


Is Suicide the answer?

By Echo Bodine / October 10, 2008

Today I talked to a very dear friend of mine who has lost everything in the stock market. He called to tell me that he bought a 9 millimeter gun and is having a hard time coming up with a reason not to end his life. I do know that feeling of total desperation. I hit that point myself just before sobering up from alcoholism. I too contemplated suicide but knew intuitively that it was not the solution. There are going to be alot of people feeling that desperation as the market continues to fall and the expression that comes…


It’s definitely time for an update

By Echo Bodine / October 9, 2008

I can hardly believe my last blog was in June. All summer I worked on finishing my latest two books and when I put the finishing touches on both of them in August, I was bummed because I thought I should wait until their publiciation dates arrived before telling you about them. And now it’s October and one of the books has just been released and I CAN’T WAIT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT. It’s called Look for the Good and You’ll Find God; The Spiritual Journey of a Psychic and Healer. It has 28 real life stories in it…


When was the last time you…

By Echo Bodine / July 26, 2008

…let your inner child have their say on what you do for the day? I know there’s lots to do everyday. Work, answer emails and phone calls when you get home, feed your family and pets, straighten up your house, get a little tv in there to shut out the day, water the garden, mow the grass, maybe visit a loved one in a nursing home or hospital, go grocery shopping, run to the post office, pick up the dry cleaning, make sure the kids or grand kids are doing good and know they’re loved, celebrate birthdays, anniversary’s, the list…



By Echo Bodine / July 16, 2008

Yes, I was a bit crabby yesterday and even though it’s actually hotter today, I don’t seem to mind it so bad. Go figure!!! I want to talk about manifesting because even though I’ve been reading about it and talking about it for years, now that it’s continually happening, it’s a little un-nerving. I have a thought and it happens. I have a wishful thought for something and before I know it, it’s sitting in my hands. I miss someone and they email or call. I sense when someone is pulling on me psychically for a healing and find out…


Have you lost your sense of humor?

By Echo Bodine / June 8, 2008

A couple of weeks ago in my spiritual study group, one of the women said that she needed to take some time off from her job because she had lost her sense of humor. She works for the government and said that things are quite chaotic which I can only imagine. With all that’s going on in the world right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if alot of us have lost our sense of humor. Gas, $4.00 a gallon. Not alot to laugh about there. Tornadoes springing up everywhere and record breaking highs in the south. No, that’s not funny.…



By Echo Bodine / June 4, 2008

I was listening to a tape of a sermon by Rev. Leo Buscaglia in which he was saying that during one of his talks, a woman in the audience stood up and yelled stretch. He paused for a second and then went on with his talk. A few minutes later, the woman stood up again and yelled “Leo, S-T-R-E-T-C-H.” He said it took him awhile but he realized afterwards that the woman was telling him that the talks he was giving were the same old same old and she was asking him to stretch himself and come up with something…


May 1, 2008

By Echo Bodine / May 1, 2008

Wow. It’s already May. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since my last Blog. My intention when I started this up again was that I was going to Blog every week, but it just isn’t happening. Time is moving so fast. If it wasn’t for my good friend John Daltrey down in Arizona, I’d completely space out the Blogging, so thanks John, once again for the helpful nudge. I had a cool experience that I want to share with you. I was in Fargo last week-end doing an Expo and Wes Hamilton was there doing Numerology. I…



By Echo Bodine / March 20, 2008

I’m constantly amazed at how fast life is moving and how much it’s changing. Tonight I was watching the news, which is not a good thing to do if you’re hoping to get a peaceful nights sleep. Price of groceries are up. Gas prices going up again. Stock Market acting totally schizophrenic. Our weather patterns are constantly changing. We’re constantly bombarded with politics and people got hit hard this winter with colds, flu and other physical maladies. Life is so intense right now and according to my sources, it’s not going to stop. There’s a big movement to get the…