Bobby’s Sullivan’s new class starts Feb. 10th

Reinventing Ourselves in 2021 with Bobby Sullivan

The energy of 2021 has provided us with a canvas to paint a new picture for ourselves. The chaotic energy from the last year has turned everything upside down. Whether it’s our life, our career or our relationship…we’ve moved into a time window that gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and discover what really matters to us in our hearts.


This time is calling those of us who are willing, to make new choices…to recreate ourselves in a way that feels purposeful and in alignment with who we truly are.


This workshop series will give you a clear perspective of where you are in your life vs. what you value…help you plot a clear direction in moving forward and develop strategies to recreate your life.


Cost is $20 Per Class – Pay by week option is available.

Class One: Wednesday, Feb. 10th — 7pm-8:15 on Zoom

Class Two: Wednesday, Feb. 17th — 7pm-8:15 on Zoom

Class Three: Wednesday, Feb. 24th — 7pm-8:15 on Zoom


All classes will be recorded – so if you are not able to make the live class you can watch the replay.


To Register:—workshops.html


Or Email:


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