January 11, 2015

1/11/15  A rather glum title for this blog, but it’s happening all around us and I want to talk about it for a bit. Everyday I get emails from people who want to talk about their loved one who is dying. Some are fearful, others are exhausted, some angry and others confused about what’s next. My heart goes out to every one of you that is going through this right now. Watching a loved one go through their dying process is heart wrenching. For those of us watching it, we feel powerless to do anything other than to hold their…


Happenings at the Center

January 7, 2015

The Center will be open this Saturday from 11-3:00. Tina McGee/massage therapist, Kathrine Kurta/psychic, Deb Amon of Amondesign Jewelry and Christie Umboh of Holistic Arts will all be there. The Gift Shop will be open. We’ve got a variety of great gifts for yourself and others. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. Next Saturday, January 17th is our monthly open house (Aurapalooza). 10-4:30. more details on that next week. I keep meaning to write a blog, but I think this weather froze my brain. Hopefully by the time it gets up to zero (notice I said UP), my thoughts will thaw out…


That last post was for the week of Dec. 21-26th

December 31, 2014


December 26, 2014

TONIGHT I’m doing a live meditation at the Center from 7-8:00pm. With all the hustle and bustle that we’ve been through these last few weeks, it will be great to calm down and go within. Please join me if you can. It’s a great healing experience. $20. Saturday, Dec. 27th, the Center will be open from 10-2:00 if you’re looking for a massage or healing by Tina McGee, get a reading from Kathrine Kurta, or buy gifts from Christie Umboh or Deb Amon. The Gift Shop will be open of course, so come by if we can be of help.…


Christmas Thoughts

December 17, 2014

The Center will be open this coming Saturday from 10-2:00 so for those of you that were not able to attend the Aurapalooza last week end you can get a massage by Tina McGee, a reading from Kathy Kurta, gifts from the Gift Shop and beautiful hand crafted jewelry by Deb Amon of Amondesigns and Christie Umboh of Holistic Arts. It’s hard to believe Christmas is a week away. I’m getting a lot of emails from people who are at the end of their rope considering suicide. A lot of people dealing with the loss of a loved one. And…


Lots of Cool Events Happening at the Center this Month

December 5, 2014

Things are happening at the Center which makes me soooooooooooo happy. One of my dreams has been to create a place for our community to come together. Like the old days when everyone met around the town square to see each other and get caught up on their lives. We are now open on Saturdays from 10-2. Psychic Kathy Kurta is doing readings, Christie Umboh and Deb Amon are selling their jewelry and other beautiful merchandise and Body worker/Healer Tina McGee is doing massage and healings. Moon Wisdom’s Gift Shop has a great selection of gifts and clearing products. We…


Center open this Saturday, Meditation Friday night.

November 25, 2014

Hello Everyone The Center will be  open this Saturday for 10-2 if you’d like to do some shopping or get a reading. Kathy Kurta will be doing readings, Deb Amon and Christie Umboh will be there selling their jewelry and other merchandise. Friday night is Guided Meditation Night from 7-8:00pm. Join us if you can. It’s a great way to end the week and begin your week end. $20. 5356 Chicago Ave. So.


And so it begins……………

November 24, 2014

Here we go. Another holiday season. Another opportunity for us to see how much we’ve grown in the last year. Families are our trigger. They are the ones that push our buttons and “present opportunities for us to grow.” I know that sounds like a lot of happy horse shit as my mom would say, but our families really are some of our best barometers to measure how we’ve changed from year to year. If we can look at each member of our family as a teacher, and look at them from the perspective of what are they teaching us…


Center open this Saturday from 10-4

November 19, 2014

Do you need gifts? Clearing products? Jewelry? Angel cards? A new journal? We’ve got all of that and much more in our Gift Shop at the Center and we will be open this Saturday from 10-4. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. in Minneapolis.



November 18, 2014

Call me codependent, call me a caretaker, call me whatever you want. I’m feeling this need to give you some solutions to life’s struggles. I’ve got a list an arm lengths long of people waiting to get in for a reading and I just don’t have the time to do this right now so I want to tell you about a man that has helped me a great deal on my path. His name is Wes Hamilton and he is a Master Numerologist. He can tell you why you’re here, what you’re here to accomplish, what’s getting in your way,…