I will be in Orange County, California October 26th

October 12, 2015

Many of you in southern California have asked when I’m coming out there, and it’s finally happening October 26th. I will be giving a 90-minute talk on the dying process, death, and life- after-death. This will be followed by Medium Thomas John, who will be giving messages to audience members from their deceased loved ones. It’s a very special night. To learn more, click the link below: What Happens When We Die – Garden Grove, CA  


Another Great Class starting at the Center with Bobby Sullivan

October 1, 2015

  Do you ever feel “stuck”? Like you just know there is more joy, abundance, fulfillment and ease waiting but you’re not quite sure how to get there? The greatest sages of ancient and modern times have taught that every decision we make in our lives is based in either fear or love. From the simplest decision of putting on your seat belt in the car – to the difficult task of expressing your feelings about something challenging or painful.  Fear and love affect everything we do and many of us have let fear stop us from moving on to the “next…


New Starting Date for 12 Week Psychic Development Class

September 24, 2015

PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT A 12 week class taught by Echo Bodine Class Begins Tuesday, October 6th, 7 – 9:15pm Topics: Intuition Clairvoyance Psychic Exercise and  Interpretation Clairaudience Psychic  Exercises Clairsentience and Clairgustance Psychic  Exercises Mediumship Angels Spirits Ghosts/Ghostbusting Astral Projection (soul travel) Reincarnation/Past Life Regression Auras Tarot Seances Channeling Ouija Boards Pendulums Each week we’ll discuss a different topic (not necessarily the order listed) and do a psychic development exercise. Price: $30 per week Location:  The Center for Intuitive Living 5356 Chicago Ave. So., Minneapolis  Please register with



September 22, 2015

Please join me this Friday night for a guided meditation from  7-8:00pm at the Center. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. It’s a great way to end a busy week and start your weekend.No need to reserve a spot. $20. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE: Many of you have had the experience of watching Thomas John work and have asked when he’s coming back to the Twin Cities. On Friday, October 9th, Thomas and I are doing a three hour event together. I’m going to be talking about the dying process, death and life after death the first half of the event…


Come join me Saturday for our monthly open house

September 17, 2015

Bobby Sullivan’s New Class: Stepping Out of Fear

September 15, 2015

Stepping Out of Fear with Bobby Sullivan “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” Thursdays Oct. 1st – Nov. 19th 7-9:00 pm If you take time to think about it, every decision we make in our lives is based in either fear or love. From the simplest decision of putting on our seat belt when you get in the car –  to the hardest task of expressing your feelings about something that is difficult to talk about. Fear and love play into everything we do and many of us have let fear stop us from moving into the place where we grow. Our ascension and…


Online Class Begins TODAY

September 14, 2015

  Fall is here, and if you’ve been thinking about joining us for Psychic Development Level I, there’s still time to sign up – class begins tomorrow. 3 SPOTS LEFT! “I loved watching the videos, and the meditations have been useful and informative. Partner assignments were really great because you get immediate non-biased feedback which I believe is essential. I really loved, loved, loved the live teleseminars! Listening to Echo and Leigh banter and the participation and input by classmates was ALWAYS informative, uplifting, and fun.”  – Kelly, Minnesota   This 6-week course is interactive, it goes deep, and it’s fun! You’ll get…


Online Psychic Development begins Monday, September 14

September 11, 2015

The next session of Echo’s Online Psychic Development Course begins on Monday, September 14. If you or someone you love has untapped psychic gifts and don’t live close enough to study with us at the Center, join Echo online! Click to register today. Here’s what some of the graduates of Online Psychic Development for Beginners have said about this course: “Since taking Echo’s class so much has opened up for me. I just can’t believe the difference taking this class has made in my life. I am in love with life!” — Sally, Michigan “In Viva Institute’s psychic development classes, I have transformed as a person,…


Two Corrections

September 9, 2015

My my. I need to correct a couple of things really quick. The September Open House (Aurapalooza) is Sept. 19th. A mailing went out yesterday from the Edge Newspaper that said Sept. 12th and it was my fault because I didn’t check the date when I proofed it. The second correction is the next Psychic Development class. It was going to start Sept 22, but I mis-calculated the ending of the current class, so I’m moving the In Person Psychic Development Class to Tuesday, Sept. 29th. Please register with me if you’re interested in this class. You can find…


Psychic/Spiritual Development Classes for Teens

September 8, 2015

Do you have a son or daughter who shows signs of psychic abilities but they are not sure what they are or how to develop them? I’m very happy to say that The Center has psychic/spiritual development classes for teens and the next series starts Sunday, Sept. 20th. The instructor is Tina McGee. Here is the class itinerary for ages 12 – 18.: Sept 20 6-8pm Spirituality 101 Religion vs. Spirituality; common threads/principles in major religions discussion about prayer; gratitude, cost of class includes a journal – will be taught how to “gratitude journal” Sept 27 6-8pm Chakras & Meditation…