LUNCH VIBE: Wednesdays at noon

By Echo Bodine / April 8, 2020

On Wednesdays at noon, I have been offering a free guided meditation to anyone who would like to attend. If you’re feeling anxious or fearful about the world right now, I provide an energy clearing and guided meditation which lasts about 20 minutes. Register here to receive reminders and call information. To receive recordings of all of these meditations for $5 a month, subscribe here. To receive a recording of today’s call only, leave a tip in the tip jar, and we’ll send it right out to you. Call information Wednesdays at 12 Central Dial: (425) 440-5010 Pin: 954713#


Save the Center idea.

By Echo Bodine / April 7, 2020

Dear Students, Friends, Teachers, and Healers— As many of you know, we’ve had to cancel in-person classes and the Aurapalooza at The Center for the time being due to Coronavirus. I’ve had several people ask how they can help, and some students suggested “Save The Center”. If you would be willing to donate a dollar to help keep our rent paid at The Center, I would be so grateful. I want to be able to reopen our doors once this passes and we can all be together again. If you would like to help, please go to where you…


A New Twist on Friday’s Guided Meditation

By Echo Bodine / March 25, 2020

Hello Everyone Friday night is our usual Friday night Live Meditation at the Center which for obvious reasons, we won’t be meeting at the Center but I do have an idea. I could do the meditation and email it to you. If this is something you would be interesting in doing, send $20 to my paypal account at and I will send it to you after I do the meditation. This is a great solution for all of you out of towners who have been asking for this. Be sure to make your email clear to me on paypal…


A 45 minute workshop online with John Van Auken

By Echo Bodine / March 23, 2020

Hello Everyone This is a 45 minute meeting with a man I admire very much. John Van Auken. Read through this and see if this isn’t something you would enjoy hearing……………………….. Hello, We are certainly experiencing some strange times! I am presenting a GoToMeeting/Webinar this Wednesday evening on Prophecies Converging in Our Times to show us how all that are going through leads to a “Golden Age” – 7 major sources of prophecy reveal this! Let me take through those prophecies so you can feel what I feel about these present hardships and crisis. Join me. The Edgar Cayce organization…



By Echo Bodine / March 18, 2020

Many of you are emailing saying you are having a hard time sleeping and asking for a solution. I have a CD/download called Sleep that is very helpful as well as many other meditation downloads you might find very helpful at this time. The March 21st Aurapalooza is canceled BUT we have a solution. A Different Kind of Aurapalooza. Your vendors will still be available for you on Saturday but instead of working out of the Center, they will be working from home. I would suggest booking ahead as they will be quite busy as usual. I’m definitely going…


Latest Podcast

By Echo Bodine / March 16, 2020 Join Echo, Bobby and Nicki this week as they focus on the Corona virus situation and how to use your intuition to empower yourself through this challenging time.


Mercury Retrograde and Online class

By Echo Bodine / March 5, 2020

Mercury Retrograde is finally going forward on Monday, March 9 –– which is a very good thing! Here’s my announcement on why we decided to delay the class start for a few days. If you’ve been wondering how to use your intuition to help with knowing how to handle Coronavirus in your community, this class will help!      


The Center is open Saturday 11-4

By Echo Bodine / March 5, 2020

We’re calling it our mini-palooza. We have healers, psychics, astrology, and so much more. Come join us. 5356 Chicago Ave. So.  11-4. Echo



By Echo Bodine / March 4, 2020

I’ve had so many people asking me about the Coronavirus (are they going to get it, should they stock up, are we going to be OK), I decided to make a little video. Before I share it, if you’re wondering how to use your intuition to help you know what to do, we cover that in my upcoming online class. Class starts Friday, March 6.     Now here are my thoughts on what we all need to do: 


Next online course begins Friday, March 6

By Echo Bodine / March 3, 2020

Psychic Development for Beginners – Online Class Begins March 6 Now that I’m feeling better, my next online class begins March 6. The class content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with practice readings and live calls every other Thursday night at 6:00 Central. This course is only offered twice a year, so register today to join us! Click for more details.