Are We Safe? Disasters, Dictators and Decisions

Am I safe? Are my loved ones OK? Is (fill in the blank) a good idea?

These days, people are talking about how tricky it is to make good decisions when there are so many difficult things going on in the world. Your intuition can guide you, but that can be difficult if you’re being blocked by indecision and fear. In today’s video, I’m talking about how your intuition can guide you to keep calm and carry on.

Ask your intuition to guide you. “Are you safe? Are your loved ones safe?” If you get that feeling inside of yes, you’re safe, there will be a calmness. If you get the”ugh” kind of feeling, that’s NO. You’re not safe. And then you ask your intuition, what should I do about it? You’ll be led probably to stay home from a trip, or call your loved ones to move out the area. Your intuition will help you with all of these challenges we have here on earth, but – you need to clear your fear first…

If you’re feeling “pulled” (feels like YES!) to develop your decision-making abilities, there’s still time to register for my latest online class.

If you’re traveling, if you have loved ones in those areas that can be affected by Irma or “The Dictator (in Korea), the first thing you need to do is say: “Please clear me from this fear, because fear can block us from feeling our intuition…” [click below for the full video]

If you’re facing difficult decisions right now, try asking for the Universe / Your Higher Power to clear this fear. Ask for help with remaining calm. When you’re feeling calmer, that “still, small voice” will be the one you hear.



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Echo Bodine

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