11/27/10 update on BST

Yesterday was a great day to measure any difference in my brain and how I’m responding to life.

I worked at the Cottage House which is a very popular vintage shop here in the Twin Cities. Three days a month I cashier at this adorable business and for the most part, absolutely love it. I say for the most part simply because it is incredibly successful and that means we get bombarded with shoppers.

In months past, it took everything in me not to get frazzled and make mistakes on the register. I’d have blank spots in my brain where I couldn’t figure out a simple sale and would get very frustrated with myself. I was also constantly trying to block myself from feeling everyone else’s feelings and there were days I’d come home EXHAUSTED.

Yesterday we were beyond busy but I noticed my mind stayed steady the whole time I was there. I rang up over a hundred sales and didn’t make any mistakes. I didn’t feel that panicky feeling in my brain like I used to. I felt grounded and clear headed. I was physically exhausted when I came home, but mentally I was still clear headed. I was also able to detach myself psychically and did not come home with a pounding third eye headache. It was quite a different experience.

heartI’m still noticing this very full heart of love. I don’t know what else to call it.
I feel very loving towards everyone I come in contact with and while that sounds great, there are some people that don’t want to be loved or treated kindly. I’m seeing that very clearly as well.

The other noticeable change is that I’m looking forward to working today and if you’ve been reading any of my blogs, you’ll know I’ve been burned out this whole year. We closed the Center a year ago and it’s taken this long to get my mojo back and feel excited about work again. My psychic abilities seem much more open and clear also which makes it more fun to do readings. I’m looking forward to getting more involved with my former and current students again. It no longer feels overwhelming.

So…………so far this Brain State Technologies seems to be the best choice I’ve made for myself in a long time. It was actually my inner voice that nudged me to do this when I was reading the article on Wynonna Judd and it wouldn’t stop bugging me about it until I called for the appointment.

If you’re reading this blog for the first time, scroll down and click on Neuro-Strength to read more about it.

More later….

Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter