Yes, there’s a Palooza this Saturday at the Center

5356 Chicago Ave. So in Minneapolis. 10-5 and here is the list of our fantastic vendors:

Bobby Sullivan, Psychic, Healer, Aura Photo’s

Sybil Dougherty, Coordinator HPP Program

Alison James, Psychic, Medium, Animal communicator

Dr. Julie Buckman, Psychic, Healer and Medium

Kris Harper HeartFull Transformations: Angelic/intuitive card readings and Life Coaching,

Sandy Stangler, Psychic, Medium, Healer

Lena Swanson, Psychic & Animal Communicator

Katrina, Tarot

Don Marlette, Medium

Anna Larson, Chair Massage

Jeffrey Tyler, Tarot, Palm Readings

Carol Lowell, Psychic, Healer

Kathy Kurta, Psychic tarot, spiritual guidance.

Don Snyder, Akashic Records

Ryan Evans, Transformational Astrology

Wes Hamilton, Numerologist

Andrea Aydt, Palm Reading, Tarot

Christie Umboh, Holistic Arts

Tina McGee, Reiki Healer and Body Worker

Libby Weibel, Acupuncture

Fernando Tellez, & Helen Distad, Healers

Chris Herzog, Healer

Deb Amon, Jewelry

Gift Shop

About Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Dean DeHarpporte

    Hello, Echo,

    I have seen you speak several times and have been impressed. So, when the consideration of contacting a reliable medium arose, you were among the first people I thought of.

    The intention of myself, Dean DeHarpporte, and my friend, William McNeff, is to contact the spirit of a good friend and much admired leader in the field of UFO investigations and related topics in the Twin Cities: Craig Lang who died on Feb. 19 of this year. Craig was active in the paranormal community, so you may have heard of him.

    We believe it is important to clarify the intent of our attempt at contact.

    We were friends with Craig, but not so close that we are actively grieving his death. Our purpose in contacting you is to make clear our purpose in trying to contact Craig. Neither Bill nor I have ever sat with a medium, but we are open to the reality of spiritual contact. However, both of us have scientific backgrounds, which means we prefer solid facts to validate the numerous reports of successful contacts we have read and heard about. We hope to verify that a conversation with Craig’s spirit, mediated through you, will include his providing answers to our questions that only he would know the correct answer to.

    It makes sense that each of us know upfront if you do not feel comfortable with our preferred approach or would like to suggest a different way of confirming our hope for veridical contact with Craig.

    Dean R. DeHarpporte
    Eden Prairie, MN