Mirror Necklaces

If you’ve read any of Echo’s books, you know about mirror necklaces. They are very helpful in protecting us from negative energy. When Echo was first developing her psychic abilities, her teacher suggested that she carry mirrors in pockets (or bras) facing out to keep all negative energy away.

Many years later she saw a mirror necklace in a quaint little shop and decided to give it a try. She was quite surprised at how much less affected she felt around groups of people. It was wonderful!

Echo highly recommends these necklaces for anyone who is sensitive to the energy around them. Men can wear them tucked inside their shirts. Echo had one specially made for her nephew who is very sensitive, and he said it makes all the difference in the world for him as far as being around people and NOT picking up on their energy.

The necklaces are individually created by an artist that is a former student of Echo’s. Click the button to order at HolisticArts.net