I’d like to be clear about the nature of the readings that I do. I work only with people who feel ready to make real change in their lives. When I give a reading to someone I am bringing 40+ years of experience as a psychic and healer to help them better understand themselves, their path and their soul. The readings can be quite intense, and most of the readings include past life information. If you want a reading more for entertainment or general information, I recommend you choose a different psychic.

I charge $250 for approximately a one-hour session based on 5 questions from you. Optionally, I offer a 20-minute reading based on 2 questions for $150. If cost is a consideration for you, I recommend a consultation with one of the psychics or mediums listed on my referral page.  If you would like to schedule a session with me, please send email to I will respond as soon as possible.

Note: I typically do only one or two readings per week, depending on length. The rest of my time I am involved in activities at my center, teaching others how to develop their psychic abilities, live by their inner voice, or develop the skills of laying-on-hands healing.