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Do You Need Healing & Next Psychic Class begins April 18th

Do you need healing? Have you heard of the Healing Pen Pal Program? It’s  a free service we provide here at I have over 140 dedicated healers in this program who give of their time to send healing to whoever requests it. It’s very simple. If you have a healing need, send an email to Give us your name, city and state you live in and what you would like healing for. Our coordinator ... Read More


Interesting classes coming up

Hello I want to let you know about a wonderful weekend coming up March 18 and 19th here in the Twin Cities. My friend Suzanne Gieseman, Evidentiary Medium, is teaching a workshop on developing your mediumship gifts at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Here is the link: She has a very interesting history that she'll share with you along with being an excellent ... Read More


Who Cares About a Little Snow, MEDITATION IS ON FRIDAY NIGHT

Hello, All week, those of us in Minnesota have heard about this huge snow storm coming tonight and tomorrow, but just now I heard on the noon news that it's fizzled down to 2 possibly 4 inches of snow, heavily leaning on the 2 inches. I've been dreading canceling the meditation tomorrow night, BUT NOW I DON'T HAVE TO. I am doing the Friday night meditation tomorrow night, February 24th 7-8:00pm at the Center. 5356 ... Read More



Our monthly open house (Aurapalooza) is tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 18th from 10-5. We’ve got a great line up of vendors and the Center has expanded just two doors down. We are calling it the “north campus.”We’ve got four vendors there tomorrow, Cheryl Carrigan, Psychic, Medium, Sandy Stangler, Psychic, Medium, Healer, Kim Eisen, Intuitive Master EFT and Andrea Linnes-Bagley, Massage Therapist. In the main Center we ... Read More


Center open tomorrow and Bobby’s Next Class

Hi Just a quick reminder that the Center is now open on Wednesday's and we will be back open this Saturday. On Wednesday's, my sister Nikki is there doing mediumship readings, Sandy Stangler is there conducting a mediumship class from noon - 1:30 and Holly Peterson is there doing massage, reflexology and healing. Sandy also is available for healings and readings after her class. If you would like to pre-book with any ... Read More


2 Quick Announcements re: this weekend

Friday night is meditation night at the Center. We are already at the end of January (yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, spring is getting closer!!). Meditation is from 7-8:00pm and it's still only $20. It's a great way to end your busy week, so please join me if you can. If parking becomes an issue, the dentist office kitty korner to the Center lets us use his lot. Center address: 5356 Chicago Ave. So. The Center is CLOSED this ... Read More



Yesterday at the Aurapalooza I was talking to my friend Numerologist Wes Hamilton about what’s happening in our country right now and he said now we’re experiencing  sticker shock. The sudden awareness after purchasing something of  “what have I done?” The country is reeling right now. There are millions of Republicans who are happy to see Obama go and happy to see Trump in Office. There are millions of Democrats very ... Read More


On-line Psychic Development and the January Aurapalooza

Hello and Happy New Year! The next session of my online course begins on Monday, 1/23. If you live too far away to study with me in person, in my online class you can talk to me every other week, and give practice readings with like-minded people who are developing their gifts. You can register at Viva Institute when you click this link. This Saturday is our monthly Open House at the Center. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. ... Read More


In Person and Online Psychic Classes begin this month

The holidays are over, we have a brand new year and if you've thought about developing, discovering or understanding your psychic gifts, we've got just what you need. I'm starting a new 16-week psychic/spiritual development class at The Center next Tuesday and the 6-week Online Psychic Development course begins January 23rd. You can be anywhere on this planet with access to a computer, and learn how to develop your gifts. ... Read More


New Years Resolutions?????

I’m not really sure what to call this blog. New Years Resolutions? Food? Diets? Surrender? It’s really about a little bit of all of it.  A lot of you know that I did the HCG diet 4 years ago and lost 30 lbs. I felt great and got a lot of compliments on how I looked. My joints didn’t ache anymore, my memory got better, I felt younger and happier. Then my life became stressful again and I slowly, very slowly became ... Read More