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Wednesday night Meditations and Bobby’s Dec. Classes

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays, I'm doing a guided meditation every Wednesday night at the Center from 7-8:00pm and also the regular meditation on the 29th. The cost is still $20 and there is no need to register. My hope is to alleviate the stress and depression during the holidays and make it a more joyous time for everyone. The first one starts tonight. My next 16 wk psychic development class begins Wed. ... Read More


Guided Meditation this Friday night

Please join me Friday night for a live, guided meditation from 7-8:00pm at the Center for Intuitive Living. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. Its a great way to begin the holiday season. $20. My wish for you tomorrow is that you have a sweet, blessed holiday with loved ones and don't have to deal with any drunken family members. Too harsh? Hope not. I just feel lots of love in my heart for all of you on my list and want you to ... Read More



I apologize for the error message I sent a couple of days. I'm still learning!!! Our monthly palooza is this Saturday at the Center. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. 10-5. Here is a list of the vendors that will be here this month: Bobby Sullivan, Psychic Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist Vicki Green, Psychic Don Marlette, Medium Ryan Evans, Transformational Astrology Lena Swanson, Psychic, Animal ... Read More


Special December Meditations and next Psi Development class

Hello I'm excited to announce something new this December. I'm going to be doing a month series of Holiday Meditations on Wednesday nights from 7-8:00pm beginning December 6th.  Healing past holiday memories, healing old beliefs, opening up to new memories and beliefs. They are going to be very special and yes, we will still have the Meditation the last Friday night of December, which will be the 29th.  $20. No need to ... Read More


Know Your Psychic

I need to blog about this subject because there are more and more people turning to psychics these days with little understanding of how we work. My family was down in Chicago this last weekend giving a talk at a theater followed by questions from the audience. We came away from the experience all saying we don’t want to do the readings for people on stage like that anymore. We love the portion where we answer ... Read More


Aurapalooza, New Online Class and Bobby’s new class

Hi – I hate bombarding you with LOTS of emails, so I'm going to pack it all into this one. Saturday is our October Aurapalooza from 10-5. We've got a great line up of vendors and I'll send a list out closer to the event so you can see who will be there. The list is also on my Facebook page. Echo Bodine or Echo Lee Bodine. Address of the Center is 5356 Chicago Ave. So in Minneapolis. We started a new beginners ... Read More

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Study with Echo online: Next class begins Monday 10/16

This interactive 6-week course will take you through engaging activities, all designed to open you up to your innate intuitive abilities—your soul’s gifts.

Psychic Development for beginners – with Echo Bodine (ONLINE COURSE) Begins Monday, October 16, 2017 Course Overview World-renowned psychic, healer, author and teacher Echo Bodine presents Online Psychic Development for Beginners: Level I. This interactive 6-week course, which has taught more than a thousand people in 6 continents, will take you through a wide range of engaging activities, all designed to open ... Read More



Please join me tomorrow night, Friday, Sept. 29th for a live, guided, healing meditation. There's nothing you need to do other than relax and take it all in. 7-8:00pm. $20 and no need to register. These are stressful times. Give your mind, body and soul a 45 minute break and come join me. Anna Larson will be there doing chair massages. If you need one, be sure to sign up when you arrive. She starts at 5:30 and the chinese ... Read More