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Astrologer Nancy Jernander Friday night 7 – 9:00pm

A quick reminder that Astrologer Nancy Jernander will be giving us an astrological update this Friday night from 7-9:00. No need to register. Come join us. And if you have your chart information, bring that with you. $25.00. Center is located at 5356 Chicago Ave. So. Thinking about developing a stronger relationship with your intuition? Living by the still, small voice within is the perfect way to maneuver our way ... Read More

Echo Living from Your Intuition

Register for the next Intuition class tonight

  November 1 - 30, 2018 This November, join me for Living from Your Intuition, an exciting new online course at Viva Institute. It's changing people's lives – in just four weeks, the current class has used their intuition to get promotions and raises, to avoid flat tires, and make important shifts in their relationships. It's been amazing to watch. What is intuition? What does it feel like? How can we trust ... Read More

Meditation tonight, Astrology Update a Week from Tonight

Tonight is Meditation night from 7-8:00pm and I wanted to make sure to let you know that Nikki will be there doing readings and Anna will be there doing chair massage. They both start at 6:00. Next Friday, Nov. 2nd Astrologer Nancy Jernander will be at the Center to give us an Astrological Update from 7-9:00pm. Nancy always says to bring  your chart if you've had it done. $25. for an evening full of information. No ... Read More

Echo Living from Your Intuition

Let’s shift the energy over to something exciting

November's just around the corner! Most of us will be raking up the leaves in our yards, putting away all the summer fun, and our thoughts turn to the holiday season. For some, it's an exciting time. For others, they dread what's coming. Let's shift the sad energy over to something exciting! Spend the month of November with me, developing a deep connection to your intuition. Your inner voice. That part of your soul ... Read More

Learn to Read Your Akashic Records. Sat. Oct. 27th

Hello Don Snyder is going to be teaching a class THIS SATURDAY at the Center. Here are the details: Learn to Read Your Akashic Records Have you ever felt that you can connect with your Soul, either psychically or energetically? Have you wondered how to open up a conversation with your Soul?This could be the class for you.  Join us for an afternoon of exploring the Akashic Records, learning how to read your ... Read More

An Evening with Echo

An Evening with Echo Saturday, Oct. 27th 7-9:30 I’ve had a 53 year career of learning about the paranormal. Join me for a fun night discussion and Q&A about Ghosts, Life after Death, The Soul’s Journey, Soul Travel, Reincarnation, Heaven, Intuition, Psychic Abilities and more. Have you wished there was someone you could ask about these things? Well, that’s what this night is all about.   $25 Space is ... Read More

Bobby Sullivan’s new class begins Oct. 18th.

-The 3 Waves of Volunteers- Have you ever felt like you are not from here or wonder why you are here on the Earth at this time? CALLING ALL LIGHTWORKERS, INDIGOS, CRYSTALS & STAR SEEDS-  Join Bobby Sullivan for this 5-week series on examining:    The 3 Waves of Volunteers that have been in play over the past 70 years? Help from highly evolved beings (meaning you) have come from outside worlds to preserve the ... Read More

Living from Your Intuition

I need your help.

Tomorrow starts a 4-week month of learning how to live intuitively. I want people to know the value of intuition because it's literally life-changing, so this whole month, we're devoting our time to INTUITION. Here's the link to the new class: Living from Your Intuition. Here's how intuition works: lots of times, you don’t know why, but you’ll suddenly be led to go someplace. You’ll just know. You don’t know why you ... Read More

He Said, She Said

I need to blog about this Kavanaugh Supreme Court situation. Not him so much as all of the people out there who have been abused sexually in some way and never talked to someone about it. It drives me crazy when I hear people say Christine Blasey Ford should have gone to the authorities back then. As someone who has been through similar situations more than once, the women are always to blame. They said we flirted, ... Read More