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The Next Three Months of Change

I was emailing a friend just now and psychic information started coming through for she and her husband about the importance of listening to our bodies for the next three months and giving them what they need. As I was typing it, I realized this wasn't just about the two of them but the message is intended for everyone, so I'm going to blog about this. This full moon we are having tonight is packing quite a positive ... Read More

Shootings in Denver

I need to blog about the horrible event in Aurora, Colorado and I know most of you know what I'm already going to say. I saw an interview on tv from the mother of a daughter who said the young woman's husband asked his wife at least twenty times to go to the movie with him that night and she just kept saying no. He got shot and is in the hospital. Ever since I saw that I've wondered if it was her intuition that told ... Read More

Breaking The Cycle of Suffering

In my last blog entry I mentioned a book I read at night called Around the Year with Emmet Fox. I’ve come across two different passages this week that I want to share with you. The first has to do with the Third Commandment, "Thou Shall Not Take the Lord's Name in Vain." I always thought that simply meant not to swear using God’s name in vain but Fox presented a whole different way of looking at this commandment. He ... Read More


After my last entry, a lot of people emailed to see if I was still doing readings, and yes I am. Kinda, sorta. The source that my information comes from has gotten a bit stern with people lately telling them they don't need a reading. He/She gives them a one liner like heal your fears or the one I heard on Friday was what prompted me to write this Blog. He/She told the client to imagine herself on a life raft in the ... Read More

Lots of thoughts today

There are so many things on my mind today so I'll be doing my usual jumping around from subject to subject. My first thought has to do with how intense everything is for people. And ALOT of people haven't gotten the memo about the world NOT coming to an end, so there are ALOT of very fearful people living their lives in a state of panic. That thought leads me to my next thought which is about suffering. Something ... Read More

Time To Blog About The Weather

It seems like I just blogged about this, but my guess would be it was last year at this time. Spring is here and that means all kinds of weather can be happening in any given day. It may seem silly to blog about the weather, but unless you're living in a cave, you've noticed our weather patterns are definitely not what they used to be so we can't rely on what used to be. I REALLY want to urge you to start checking in with ... Read More

Life as a Psychic

This life as a psychic is a strange existence no matter how much I try to be '"normal." A couple of weeks ago, I opened up to another level psychically that is quite amazing to me. I can read people in an instant which is great when it comes to work, but when it comes to everyday life, I've become even more of a hermit than I was before. Last week when I was around so many people at the Cottage House, I had to ... Read More

Holy Week

Yesterday I had one of those amazing experiences that I've had from time to time that I'd like to share with you. I'd have to say it actually began the night before during the Advanced Healing class. We had our usual great discussion about healing, and then the students gave healings to each other while I channeled a meditation. The room was filled with healing energy and gratitude from the Universe to the healers for ... Read More

Intuition: The Coolest Thing We’ve Got Going

I'm sitting here wondering what more I can do to get people to listen to and TRUST their inner voice. I wrote a book called A Still Small Voice, have a radio show called Intuitive Living, have a website called Trust the Voice Within that people can subscribe to for free and join the movement to live by the still small voice inside (intuition). I write blogs, teach classes on intuition and have a DVD on living by ... Read More

Another Life-Changing Experience

I had so many cool experiences this week end that I want to share with you. Back in November, I was guided to teach a week-end seminar on the soul's perspective of life, death and life after death. One of the perks of my gifts is that I've been communicating with souls of the living and the deceased for over forty years and they've taught me so much. I've written about alot of it in my book Echoes of the Soul, but ... Read More