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Two Quick Messages for you today:

The Bodines are doing an evening at the Parkway theater with Author Jenniffer Weigel on Friday, June 16th.  Here’s the link to the event: AURAPALOOZA THIS SATURDAY. Come join us this Saturday, May 20th, at the Center for Intuitive Living from 10-5 for our monthly open house (Aurapalooza). Two of your favorite vendors will be back this month. Spirit Guided Psychic ... Read More

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Holy Smokes Batman, times are a-changin’

A beautiful experience with a lovely group of Lutherans!!!!!

About a week ago, I had a very cool experience that I'd like to share with you. I was invited to speak to a group of people at a Lutheran church who attend a class called Soul School. They have been together for a couple of years and wanted to take their learning to the next level. Their Pastor invited me. As much as I hate to admit it, I was pretty nervous about it all day leading up to the evening. My experience ... Read More


Psychic Development Class begins tomorrow

 PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT Tuesday, May 2nd (new date) 7 - 9:15pm begins a 16 week class taught by Echo Bodine  Topics include:  Intuition Clairvoyance Psychic Exercise and  Interpretation Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Clairgustance Psychic  Exercises Mediumship Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirits, Ghosts/ Ghostbusting Astral Projection (soul travel) Reincarnation/Past Life ... Read More


Meditation this Friday night and more……………….

Hi I'm doing a live meditation this Friday night at the Center from 7-8:00pm. It's a very nice experience. A great way to end your busy week and begin your weekend. $20. No need to register. I'm excited for you to see the new mural my niece Carmel is painting on the wall. It's so beautiful. The next psychic class is starting next Tuesday. I know I've sent this message out a few times, but people still end up not ... Read More


Psychic Development class begins May 2nd and other classes at the Center

Hello There's a bit of confusion around the start date of the next in person 16 week psychic development class. I've changed the date a couple of times and have finally settled on May 2nd. If you would like to explore and develop your psi abilities, I highly recommend this class. The first four weeks are a concentration of learning what intuition and psychic abilities are and doing practice exercises, but the class is ... Read More


SPECIAL Good Friday Meditation this Friday night and……………….

Aurapalooza on Saturday. Please join me this Friday night for a special Good Friday Meditation.7-8:00pm and then Saturday, we are having our monthly Open House.  For those of you who have been thinking of exploring and developing your psychic abilities, the next class starts in two weeks. April 25th. Here are the details: PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT Tuesday, April 25th 7-9:15pm  begins a 16 week class taught by ... Read More


8 Week Laying on Hands Healing Class begins May 24th

Carol Lowell is a Hands on Healing practitioner, Reiki master, Psychic and Medium with 20 years of experience working with clients and students. In this class, she will share techniques she has learned over the years from her teachers, spirit guides and clients. Classes will include opportunities for open Q & A discussion, practice sessions as well as a calming meditation. Participation is open to beginners wishing to ... Read More


Meditation this Friday night and special Meditation Good Friday

Hello I want to remind you that this Friday is the last Friday of the month and that means Meditation this Friday night from 7-8:00pm. If you live in the Twin Cities and have never attended one, you should treat yourself this Friday. It's a wonderful way to end your busy week and begin your weekend. $20. Also, I've been guided to do a special meditation on Good Friday, April 14th, so if you can't make it this ... Read More


Online Psychic Development – Course begins TODAY

Online Psychic Development for Beginners – Level II

The next session of my Psychic Development E-Course includes a wide range of engaging activities including 3 live biweekly teleseminars (recorded for playback), videos, and partner activities, all designed to open you up to your innate intuitive gifts. Giving Readings / Interpreting What You Read Psychic Tools (psychometry, pendulums, tarot) Mediumship Spirit-Clearing / Clearing Physical Spaces Astral ... Read More


AURAPALOOZA THIS SATURDAY and Change of Date on Psi Class

The date for the next Psychic Development class has moved from the 18th to April 25th.  Join me Saturday for another great Aurapalooza (Open House at the Center). Here is a list of the vendors we have for this month: Aura Photo's, Beth and Lisa Bobby Sullivan, Psychic  Sybil Doughterty, Coordinator HPP Program Alison James, Psychic, Medium, Animal communicator Cheryl  Carrigan Psychic, Medium Dr. ... Read More