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Laying on Hands Healing Workshop

Saturday, June 28th  10:00am 5:30pm please join us at the center for this wonderful class. Topics will include: How to channel healing energy Healing ethics/boundaries Do's and Don'ts of Spiritual Healing Causes of Disease and Illness Absentee Healings Night Healings Clearing The Healing Process Charging money/having a healing practice Taking care of yourselves as channels for healing Cost ... Read More

Do You Need Some Healing?

Lately it seems like everywhere I go or every other email I open up is someone who is in need of healing and it occurred to me that I need to do a blog about the Healing Pen Pal program we have here at Absentee Healing is a very effective way of sending healing to someone. The healer may visualize their hands on the person or might visualize God's hands on them. I've seen and heard amazing results ... Read More

16 Misconceptions About Psychics

I've published this list of 16 Misconceptions About Psychics in my book The Gift, and I thought you'd enjoy seeing it again. What would YOU add to the list? We can read people's minds. We're all vegetarians. We can see our own futures easily. We know everything going on in the world. We wear hoop earrings, lots of scarves, all have black cats and gaze into our crystal balls. We can all see ghosts. We can ... Read More

Holy Changes, Batman!

The last six weeks have been a total whirlwind of changes and I've been meaning to share them with you as they've popped up, but time is moving faster than I want it to and just haven't had the time to blog. It was about six weeks ago that my sweet cat Susie, who's been my faithful and often times annoying companion for the last 15 years went home to heaven. I don't think I realized how much she was ingrained in my ... Read More

Numerology Class begins Wed. June 4th

My good friend Wes Hamilton is going to be teaching a 4 week Numerology class beginning this coming Wednesday at The Center. He is a Master Numerologist so you will be learning from the best. Here's his flyer: Chart Your Destiny Level 1 Authorized Numerologist Training Program Now you can learn the art and science of Numerology... Next class Wednesday nights June 4, 11, 18, 2014 6:30 - 9:30 at Echo Bodine's ... Read More

Watch Life to the Max, Tonight, May 24th

Join us this Saturday, May 24, at 11:05 p.m. on WCCO-TV Channel 4 - for another exciting edition of "Life to the Max" ... bringing you stories that motivate and inspire!  Watch the promotional clip for this week's show. Echo Bodine is a psychic medium, an author and a healer. Her mother knew she had special gifts when she was a teenager. Guest host Liz Colin sits down with Echo to hear about her fascinating life. She ... Read More

The Gift of Discernment

My inner voice has really been nudging me this week to blog about discernment so that's the topic for today. This last week-end at the Open House at the Center, I was looking around at all the gifted psychics we have each month and I felt really proud that we have gifted psychics with integrity who have worked hard for years to understand and hone their skills. I know how challenging it can be to develop these gifts ... Read More

Is Heaven for Real?

Last night I saw the new movie Heaven is for Real and I was very touched by it. It's the story of a four year old boy named Colton Burpo who went to heaven when his body was being operated on and he came back to share his experiences with his family. Sounds sweet and innocent, like a child with a great imagination, but this young boy actually had this experience and it turned quite a few lives upside down. His father ... Read More

The New Energy

It's Sunday, April 6th and the sun is shining here in the Twin Cities. I actually have my office windows open. Oh my gosh, what a winter. This morning while meditating, I asked nature if she was done with winter here in Minnesota and it feels like it. April is always such a questionable month because it's been known to snow until May around here, but there's a different feeling in the air today. It's so nice to see grass ... Read More

Thank Goodness Times Have Changed

As always, I'd like to start out by saying hello to my friend John Daltrey in Tuscon. I think of you everyday John and wish nothing but the best for you. When I write a blog, I like to write about subjects that most people can relate to but today is going to be different. I saw the movie Philomena on Wednesday and haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It's the true story of an un-wed Irish Catholic young woman ... Read More