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Thank Goodness Times Have Changed

As always, I'd like to start out by saying hello to my friend John Daltrey in Tuscon. I think of you everyday John and wish nothing but the best for you. When I write a blog, I like to write about subjects that most people can relate to but today is going to be different. I saw the movie Philomena on Wednesday and haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It's the true story of an un-wed Irish Catholic young woman ... Read More


January Blog

First things first, I would like to send a big hug out to my friend John Daltrey in Tucson who has now entered hospice. Thank you for having your friend Christine send me an email. Life has been so busy since getting married in September and as you know, I've barely done any blogging. Shortly after getting married, my husbands 20 year old son moved in with us and my life has changed dramatically since being a very ... Read More


The Light Drowns Out the Darkness

I want to share this experience with you but part of me isn't sure how to say it all, so I might end up channeling some info. On Wednesday, my soul was out of my body most of the day and when I came back, all I could remember was that I had a vision of this amazing light coming up from within the Ocean. I could feel all this energy spreading out and filling the Earth, but didn't know exactly what had happened. I've ... Read More


Life, Death and All That’s In-Between

What an intense week it's been and I need to blog about it and connect with all of you. A week ago a wonderful man named Jim Kowalski, who has been married to my beautiful cousin for fifty years, died suddenly, leaving all of us pretty devastated for many days. Death has been a part of my life's work since way back when and there's always been a feeling of acceptance when it happened, but for such a sudden death like ... Read More


Feeling Grounded

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Labor Day. Supposedly the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It brings back memories of going back to school, wearing new school clothes, seeing old friends again. Getting back in to a routine, which always seemed boring and exciting all at the same time. Before I start blogging, I'd like to send a big hello to my friend John Daltrey who lives down in Tuscon and is recovering from chemotherapy. I ... Read More


Falling in Love and Other Awarenesses

First, I'd like to say hi to John Daltrey down in Tuscon and let you know I've been thinking about you and wondering how you're doing. I've shared my diet story with you, the brain balancing experience with you, my mom's passing and now I have a new adventure I want to share with you. I'm in love and just as shocked as everyone else. The Universe had been giving me signs that a relationship was on the way, either ... Read More



I had an interesting thought today that I want to run by you but first I want to say good morning to my friend John in Tucson. I hope you're having a great day John. I had an email this morning from a woman who's been going through a tough challenge in her life and her question to me was "why does God do this to us?" Having come from religion that teaches us everything we experience comes from God often as a test, ... Read More


Another Overdue Blog

This blog is so overdue. It's already June 24th. As we've all been saying for quite awhile now, life sure is moving fast these days. Gonna go make a pot of decaf so I can chat for awhile. Seems like there's alot to say today. Before I start, I'd like to send belated birthday wishes to my friend John down in Tucson. Sorry to start out with a negative, but I just have to get this off my chest. A lady was telling me about ... Read More


We’ve Got To Be Brave

Before I begin, I would just like to say good morning to my friend John Daltrey down in Tucson. I'm sorry I haven't called lately to see how you're doing. I've been swamped. Back in March I think it was, I had my yearly numerology reading from the Master Numerologist Wes Hamilton ( who I just adore. His readings are so helpful. They always help me focus better on what's in front of me. One of the ... Read More


The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

Once again, it's been awhile. The last time I blogged I said that I didn't get this new space for teaching my classes, but I ended up getting it and I've been working on it ever since which is why I haven't taken the time to blog. First of all, I'd like to say good morning to my friend John D. in Tuscon. I've referenced him before in my blogs as he is the man who sends me post cards when it's time for me to blog again. ... Read More