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Please join me tomorrow night, Friday, Sept. 29th for a live, guided, healing meditation. There's nothing you need to do other than relax and take it all in. 7-8:00pm. $20 and no need to register. These are stressful times. Give your mind, body and soul a 45 minute break and come join me. Anna Larson will be there doing chair massages. If you need one, be sure to sign up when you arrive. She starts at 5:30 and the chinese ... Read More


Coming to Cincinatti this Saturday and Carol’s Healing Classes

If you live in the Cincinatti area, I will be there this Saturday, Sept. 23rd, doing a one day workshop on After We Die, An Exploration of Death, Heaven, Ghosts and the Soul’s Journey Beyond Death at the local A.R.E Chapter. You can purchase tickets or find out more about this program by contacting Joyce Willmes 859-746-2525. I will be in Denver Oct. 14th for the same workshop. Contact me for more information at ... Read More


There is something we can do……………..

This morning when I heard Irma and Jose are both category 4 storms and Mexico had a 8.1 Earthquake, I sat down and had a short talk with God. What can we do? What can little ol' me do to help this whole situation. I went to FB and saw this very cool thing. The last five Presidents have gotten together to create a place where we can all send money. I'm cutting and pasting it here. I hope this works because i felt a sense ... Read More

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Are We Safe? Disasters, Dictators and Decisions

Am I safe? Are my loved ones OK? Is (fill in the blank) a good idea? These days, people are talking about how tricky it is to make good decisions when there are so many difficult things going on in the world. Your intuition can guide you, but that can be difficult if you're being blocked by indecision and fear. In today's video, I'm talking about how your intuition can guide you to keep calm and carry on. Ask your ... Read More


Clarification on Fall Classes

Many of you have asked for clarification on which classes are coming up this Fall, so here is the full list: In-Person Tuesday, September 5, 2017: Psychic Development October 4: Healing Classes with Carol Lowell Online September 5 - October 15: Psychic Development Level 2 October 16 - November 20: Psychic Development Level I   In-Person Classes Tuesday, September 5, 2017: 14-week Psychic ... Read More


Meditation and In person psi development begins in two weeks

This Friday night is Meditation night at the Center. Please join me for healing and relaxation. 7-8PM at the Center. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. $20.   PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT Tuesday, September 5th 7-9:15pm begins a 14 week class taught by Echo Bodine  Topics include: Intuition  Clairvoyance   Psychic Exercise and  Interpretation Clairaudience   Psychic  ExercisesClairsentience and Clairgustance   Psychic  ... Read More


Eclipse, Scammers and Meditation

Eclipse, Scammers and Meditation It’s been a while since my last blog (sounds like I’m in a confessional).  Yesterday on the radio the announcer said something about the State Fair being next week and that always signals the end of summer. I can hardly believe we’re in August, let alone at the end of it. Lilli, my angel guide said that summer type weather will continue until Oct. 31st, so it’s not over yet folks. I ... Read More


New E-book now available and Podcast Links

Hello,   I’ve got two cool links I want to share with you. This first one is a link to an E-Book that I  just wrote about Tips for Becoming a Professional Psychic. I’ve been working on it for awhile, wanting to make sure I’ve included everything that I think is important for you to know if this is the profession you are thinking of getting into. It’s only $8.99 and you can find it in my store on the ... Read More