Look For The Good And You’ll Find God


  1. Stephanie Allen

    Hi Echo!
    My intuition told me to finally contact you. I am so excited I signed up for your weekly updates. I am trying to read every book you have written. I am only a few away! Right now I am reading Look For The Good And You’ll Find God….l love it, just like all the others! I have been reading your books off and on since ’01 when I lost my dear sweet sister to breast cancer. I like to think that she is now my spirit guide, as I talk to her all the time. While living in the beautiful FL Keys, in ’05, within 6 months, we lost our 17 year old nephew in a car accident (love those soul pics you worked so hard for), our unborn baby, then our 11 yr old son who was hit by a car on his bike. His organs saved 5 children’s lives. On Aug 1, ’14, my husband, Troy, found his dad in his parent’s backyard after he shot himself in the head. We have obviously been struggling with anxiety and depression while trying to focus on our 22, 6, and 2 year old daughters! I wish my husband would read your books and find some of the peace I have found. As wonderful as Westside Family Church is, I think your books have a greater impact on my life! My prayers are simple now: Protection and long full lives and no more tragedies!! I wish I had your abilities! I so admire you. I have had many spiritual happenings through these tragedies, including orb pics, soul visitation in dreams, as well as actual soul sightings while awake, and would love to share them with you in a long letter. Do you have the time to read it and possibly include it in a blog or your next book? Would love some sort of a response, even though you are so busy! Do you get any psychic vibes from this letter?
    In KC, KS, wishing I lived near you!
    Hope to hear from you! Thanks so much for changing my life. I’m thinking about one of your online classes and feel that pull towards it.
    Lived in Vail, CO in my twenties, and it’s where I found your books! I loved it! Haven’t changed my email address since.

  2. Trish Hruby

    I live each day as a thank you and take nothing for granted. Prayers each day and remembering so many individuals less fortunate than I am so that I realize that each day is a Gift. Live in the moment and be kind, compassionate, loving and patient. I lost my dad almost 25 years ago to cancer. I talk to him and believe his spirit is around me. I truly believe that a daily practice of an Attitude of Gratitude is essential to one’s life. I pray for many individuals I don’t know to offer comfort and support to their family members.

  3. Edward

    After reading Chapter 15 in Look For The Good And You’ll Find God, I HAD to see the pictures. My stomach was uneasy as I walked to my computer, unsure how images of the dead would affect me, but I continued–I wanted to see what energy looked like.

    I came to your website out of curiosity, Echo, and got more than I expected.

    Before I read your book, I read The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity because I’m convinced–even though it’s cliche–everything happens for a reason. Here’s my story.

    I launched my freelance-writing business last October, and though I love my work, I make less than I made in my last job AND the pay is erratic. I prayed for a sign: Show me if I should continue as a freelance writer or if I should get a 9-to-5.

    About two weeks ago I heard a classic R&B song that I used to love but hadn’t heard in years, and I’ve begun listening to that song on I-Tunes nearly every day. While meeting with my lone client, he talked about a new writing project he had for me, and he said the word that’s the title of the song: “Sparkle.” I had my answer: I was on the right path.

    As if this wasn’t enough synchronicity for one day, imagine my surprise when I came to your website and saw that the background on your Online Psychic Development For Beginners screen is the same background I have on my desktop!

    I don’t know what message I’m being sent, but I know I was meant to read your book (which is very good, by the way) and visit your website.

    When we’re aligned with God’s will, things we desire come easily, and to ensure we get the message, the Universe leaves physical fingerprints in the form of synchronicity.

  4. Tracy Harman

    I noticed from the first picture he was reading T.S.Eliot, the book on the floor. His infamous poem The Wasteland, makes you think a little.

  5. Deborah

    LOVE your book! Also, the soul photos are mind-blowing! I have absolute confidence they are authentic. So glad you were able to get those negatives printed.

  6. I am keen on joining in one of the discussions to wake up my potential ability. I practice meditation every day. And I am still waiting for the magic!