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  1. shelley dodge

    I found out about you from giamtv where you were a guest and I was so intrigued from your interview I looked you up! I live in Washington state but ssurely wish I was closer to you and your school? Its kind of lonely out here for me, and I’m trying to reach out to like minded people I am on disability and a fixed income with no other resources soo I can’t afford your classes but wish you all the best in everything. I did buy some of your books and they are amamzing. blessings

  2. Jennifer Tindell

    I’d like to register for the Psychic/Spiritual Development class that starts on June 23rd.
    What do I need to do?
    Jen Tindell

  3. Laurie Pelnar

    I live in Wisconsin and practice much of what you teach on my own. I know that I haven gifts and I do know how to use them to some degree. I would love to learn more. I am disabled and live on a small fixed income, so I take advantage of the library. I hope they have your books. I learned of your classes from a friend who is currently taking them. I am not too good with computers but would love to try to
    “talk” with anyone interested. I am open to discussing any spiritual subjects with persons who are serious about the discussions.

  4. Kelly

    I have a spirit dog picture I think you might be interested in seeing. For all you pet owners that have faced the loss of your loved pets I can tell you without a doubt they do live on in the spirit world! My heart was healed when I took a photo of my dear Aussie in spirit form. Please believe me when I say you will see them again someday.

  5. Gianni

    in ur book u say do not pay people for psychic help so y does ur class cost $ that i do not have just a thought

  6. Good evening Ms. Bodine
    I seen your story on the TV thee other day. I was very intrigued due to that I know I have special gifts.
    I want to know what or put names to these gifts I have but had no one really to talk to. I tried a class several years ago and I new that is was not what or real some what I had hard getting there and then when I finally did get there.
    Well the spirit would not aloud her to teach me she kept choking every time she spoke and I felt a presents of a being standing near me. And she finally said should not be able to teach me. As I was leaving I went to shake her hand and she backed away from me. I have quite a few stories of things that have happened but know one to share them with and to put names to these gifts. My late husband new I had them he was west Indian and his grandmother would be able to take curses of people. I was wondering sometime in the near future could you help me to identify what gifts I have and hear a couple more of the stories i carry if you would not mind.. And eventually take up some classes if I could. Well thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon..

  7. Antonia Adan

    Hello! I have read several of your books and loved them . I also go to unity south and I am part of f hoalistic earth grounding community. I live to be able to connect more with other in my community alike. :)

  8. Mike Brown

    Not sure what “the discussion” is but I’m very intrigued. Have recently discovered Echo’s books and would like to engage with intention.

  9. I would also like to register for advanced psychic and mediumship training. I am already working in the field, but I want to practice with others to hone my mediumship ability before teaching in Sarasota, Florida. I am developing a practice there in the fall. Currently, there is no registration available and no phone number on your website. Please advise.
    Pam Jacob

  10. Kathleen Hanley

    Dear Ms. Bodine,
    I am interested in the beginner on-line course which started May 2nd. Could you tell me if it would be possible to take this course during the months of July and August? I am a teacher and would really like the opportunity to explore further.

    Thank you for your time. (I have also read a couple of your books which were recommended to me…fantastic!)

    Kathy Hanley

  11. Crystal Graser

    Not sure how this works. I have read on a few peoples profiles at white buffalo spiritual store that they took classes or you mentored them.

    I am intrigued and would like a mentor.
    I have been told i have psychic abilities but haven’t fully attuned to them yet.

    I have so much to share but i am sure your busy.
    If i can get a heads up on direction on how to start please feel free to guide me.

  12. Julie Madaris

    I am really trying hard to get to a higher level of spiritual dimension to be able to connect with my angels/guides and god. I want it for a better life for me also in desperate need of healing my vocal cords. I have what is call spasmodic dysphonia and it is very hard to speak. I feel that I can spiritually heal with if I learn the right steps or seek out the right people. I had the opportunity to do Gary Spivey’s workshop what was inspiring, but still need more. Can you please help me at all. Thanks Thanks so much for your time and listening to me. I am praying that this will be my connection that I need to heal