Healing Pen Pals

healing pen palsI have just started up the Healing Pen Pal program (after shutting it down last year for a few months) and would like to highlight it somehow on the website.

It’s a very cool program.

If people have a healing need, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, they send an email to me bodine.echo@gmail.com and give me their name, city they live in and what they would like healing for. I assign a healer who will send healing to them everyday for 15 days. This is a free service. All we ask of people is that they let us know after 15 days how they are doing and if they need more healing.


  1. Deanna - Texas

    Thank you so much and I am very open to receiving the healing of this blessed healer. I have never received distance healing before so I will absolutely give you feedback on how well I am doing.

    I have been blessed to have rekindled friendships I’m sure I’ve had for many lifetimes. In the Dallas area we are Awakening rapidly it seems and groups and meet-ups are being set up everywhere on all aspects of Spiritual awakening and learning our true selves.

    The Healing Pen Pals came up this past weekend during a break of the Indigo Heart workshop that was held here. 3 people in the group had had wonderful results from your healers and the word is spreading! I also attend another enlightened group and a couple of the folks there rave about Echo Bodine and the distance healing. We accept what the universe provides…. and we thank you for that and for you.

    I wish each of you Peace, Joy, Love and Enough…..

  2. Mary - Guam

    Thank you for the distance healing sent for 30 days. It was very effective and it got me in touch with the importance of positive thinking, regular exercise and proper nutrition.

    Thank you so much for making a difference in my life and health.

  3. Donna - Pennsylvania

    Hi! The healing pen pals program worked wonders for me. The large goiter I had in my neck and nodules are mostly gone and just a little bit remains yet to dissolve. The healing was absolutely incredible!

    Thank you so much!

  4. Cyndi - Florida


    I want to update you on the little boy who HAD a cancerous brain tumor. They originally gave him a “less than 20% chance of survival” about 1 1/2 months ago. Well, I never told anyone that I put in a healing request for him, and just the other day I learned that he is going to be fine. NO CANCER! Everyone says it is a true miracle! Please continue to pray for him, he’ll still need some more healing energy, I’m sure. Unlike everyone else, I was NOT surprised. I truly believe this process works. Thank you!

  5. Lynn - California

    Dear Pen Pals,
    I have been feeling a lot better since the healing began. The fog has lifted and I haven’t felt depressed like I had been. To tell you the truth I haven’t felt this up in months, almost years, not for this length of time. I can honestly say there were times during the day when I felt absolute elation and definite well being. It was wonderful!

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Many Blessings

  6. Marty - New Jersey

    Thank you! I asked for healing for my daughter, who had two large cysts in her lower jaw. After the operation (at the follow-up visit) the doctor told me that the results of the operation were way better than we had any right to expect- that’s almost exactly what he said.

    Thank you and God bless you all at Healing Pen Pals.

  7. Beth - Black Mountain, NC

    Thank you so much for helping me with a Healing Pen Pal. This week I have noticed that I am walking easier and with less pain. I am so grateful for her help! Please pass this along to her with my gratitude.

  8. Christine - California

    I want you to know that this past week has been a life altering experience for me. I have been meditating every morning for the past few weeks with very clear intentions about what I want to manifest in my life. I can honestly tell you that something miraculous happened this past week. I had many more moments of peace and feelings of forgiveness. I don’t feel consumed with anger and resentment over things in the past. It is so comforting to know that I have someone like you who is sending out healing energy for me. I’ll stay in touch and let you know how I’m doing.

  9. Brenda

    I received your email this morning and was so excited about the healing. I am actually at work at the moment and while working quietly on my computer I noticed something. My head feels clearer and I feel calm ….peaceful. Could be that I am looking forward to a few days away from work so could it be that my healer is awesome and her absentee healing skills are already working.

  10. Jill

    I wanted to let you know how well I am doing. I am doing GREAT! I have learned so much from Echo’s books…wow! This path, this journey, it is so incredible. I have been meditating most mornings. All of this has made me feel closer to spirit than I have ever felt. I feel so connected. Not afraid or alone. It is amazing. Before I forget, I want to thank you for praying for me and for encouraging me.

  11. Christine - Ventura, CA

    This has been a great experience for me. My healer is a blessing! I cannot express enough love to all of you for helping me when I needed it most. I had a fear of driving on the freeway. It was controlling my life as I had to take back roads everywhere. After three weeks I was driving on the freeway and forgot I was even getting on the freeway. It hit me…adn I can’t believe how far my healer got me and it helped just knowing she was there for me. The healing has also made me take a good look at myself spiritually and I am now on the road of self discovery. I do not know how to thank you enough for all that has transpired in my life. God bless you all.

  12. Sandi

    I know that you have helped with my request. Things are better with my spouse. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.

  13. Sue - Illinois

    Hello, First off, thanks for letting me participate in the Healing Pen Pals Program. In the past 4 weeks I have really made a lot of progress. I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis and I became very weak about 4 months ago. In addition to the arthritis I had a sever sinus infection that made me extremely sick. Around Christmas time I was so weak that I was falling a lot – I had no energy. One time I fell and that resulted me to going to the emergency room because I cut my head on the way down. My husband had to do everything for me at that time. He had to lift my legs in and out of the car, help me bathe, get in and out of bed, etc. I was having a real problem with that fact because for one thing I’m only 48 and I’ve always been very independent. I felt like I was on a downward spiral and all the doctors I saw weren’t really helping me at all. After New Years I decided to take part of the Healing Pen Pals Program. I was assigned to a healer who did a great job. I started feeling stronger during the first week. Little by little after each week, I got better and so much stronger. I really feel the absentee healing has helped me. All my atrophied muscles have just about all come back through walking and exercising/stretching. I can do the things, like getting in and out of the car without help. I am very pleased with my progress. Like I said before I am very happy to have the opportunity to be a part of this program. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

  14. MJ- British Columbia

    Hi, I am from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada and the healing was marvelous. My head, to the best of my knowledge, as I have not tried running yet has been fine for the last two weeks. I appreciate the long distance healing and from what I can tell it worked great for me. Thank you so much!!!!

  15. Karla - Ontario , Canada

    A few weeks ago I requested healing for my friend in Italy suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. He has benefited from the extraordinary healing energies from the incredible healer and pen pal. My friend told me he didn’t feel so sad about having been diagnosed with the disease at his young age (33) and he was feeling emotionally good and not afraid as to what is waiting for him down the road (treatment, frequent visits to the hospital etc). He wanted me write to you and say thank you to the angel that helped him. And I will be there to motivate him. Thank you very much and may God shower you and your team with blessings now and always.

  16. Anna - Great Mills, Maryland

    Hello, I am writing just to inform you about my healing experience with the healing pen pals. I had written to ask for help while I started the process of coming off my medications for Post Partum Depression. That transition has been smooth. I also happened to have major “loose ends” pop up in my life and I actually felt ready to tackle them. I released a lot of anger and sadness through the process and I accomplished things I previously thought to have been impossible. And all the while I knew that it was healthy and so I didn’t hold back the emotions. Normally I stuff things and think they went away after a while. Only to realize they just came back in a different ways. So thank you so much for all your help. I am so grateful for being a part of this experience And I wish all of you great success.

    Thank you again!

  17. Teresa - San Anselmo , CA

    Having been diagnosed with Lymes Disease, I am so grateful for your healing prayers, that you Offer your gifts of love and compassion to those in need, and that you have allowed God to work Through you! In the last two weeks I have experienced less pain, my shortness of breath is 90% better, My cognitive is more sharp, and my general energy higher. I’m experiencing more inner peace and my Spirits are lighter. Thank you again God bless you and all that are connected to you in any way. Much love and laughter.

  18. Michelle

    Hello. This is M. from Eden Prairie, MN. I had requested healing energy for anxiety and depression. I have to say I am feeling SO much better, and the last two weeks I have come across many healing Books, web sites, etc. that I didn’t go looking for. Thank you so much for sending me your love and healing. Gob Bless you ALL.

  19. Julie

    We have nothing short of a miracle here. Sean’s depression is gone. He is at peace. You are a God send. I have not seen him like this for at least five years. He still has all his other health issues, but now that the depression is gone, he seems to be able to deal with the other issues much, much better. Thank you is not enough!!! I am so grateful to you and God!!!

  20. Lynn

    My friend in Lemoore Ca is doing miraculously well. They had originally given her 5 days to live as her liver and kidneys were shutting down. I am so happy and thankful to say she is finally home and her kidneys are working and her liver is recovering – she doesn’t even have to be put on dialysis anymore! Yes – this is a miracle! Thank you so much!

  21. Linda - Hilton Head, SC

    Hello, Many thanks for your healing. The stabbing feeling in my back is completely healed. The stiffness in my neck is almost completely healed as well. As you know I had been Working on healing the stiffness since last March so it is a great relief to have it so much Better. You are doing great work. Warm regards,

  22. Paul

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much better I have felt. Honestly my anxiety, depression, fears that I normally feel every day has completely disappeared. I feel so much more centered, peaceful, and better. I have a strong faith, I do not have constant worrisome thoughts, and things going on around me have not been affecting me strongly as they normally would. I feel very grounded and when I tell you a total shift has taken place I mean it. I have more faith, trust, and belief in my life, God, etc. More than I have had in years. The healing has worked in many ways in my life! Thank you all for your help!

  23. Lesley

    we asked for a healing of our daughter Lesley about 2 weeks ago. For some reason she has had a couple seizures close together and it has caused more bleeding on the brain and her speech is taking a hit. It could be from something as minor as over medication but her attitude tonite has me concerned. It’s like 1 step forward and 1/2 step back. Right now she is bouncing back and forth from nursing home in st. louis pk. to north memorial hosp. If the bleeding stops and no seizures for awhile that would help. Thanks for your effort and concern.

  24. Teresa

    The healing done for my husband has had profound changes in him. I am so thankful to you beautiful souls who care so much to do this. Before this healing, our family was hit with something none of us understood and it seemed we lost my husband, he was literally not himself, he just did not seem like himself. It was as though something had taken him over, or whatever caused it was this huge wall that was not able to be penetrated. Then I read about your healing pen pals and thought this is just my last resort. Our family was very lost from all that had happened. He has changed, into what he was like before, I never thought I would see this happen. I thought if anything, maybe he would have some peace, but it has transformed him. Thank you so very much, you have made such a difference in my life, our childrens lives, and my husbands life. This is the only thing that penetrated what was going on, it almost seems like a miracle to me.

  25. Jan Pugh

    I am having trouble with depression. This is mostly caused by a very negative relationship with my mother. My husband and I live with her, and while I try to stay in the light, she is always seeking to bring me down. This is causing problems also with my marriage. I am constantly exhausted from this never ending battle. Please, I need your help.

  26. Toni

    I am writing to ask for healing for my son, who has been diagnosed with colitis. The medication given is not working and now the doctors have said that he will require Surgery to remove is colon. Please help.

  27. James Kirby

    Abdominal pain began to easy up in less than 24 hours. THANK YOU !. Still pending decision for surgery, hopeful that will not be needed.

  28. Loree

    My son Scott was prayed for his heart for healing last year. We went to Mayo Clinic where we were told he had biscupid valves. 2 halves. We had always been told in the past he had three unequal heart valves from two other doctors. This may be a sign he is on his way to healing.

  29. Jan Pugh

    Hi Deanna,

    I wrote earlier and recommended organic chamomile tea. It’s very healing to the intestinal tract, and also pretty quick.
    Also, I wanted to recommend psyllium. I suffered with colitis for 20 years or so. I finally tried psyllium. It’s a bowel regulator, so it soaks up extra liquid and slows down transit time. I’m a registered dietitian, master of science. Give it a try. I previously recommended Metamucil, because my kindle fire would not let me say psyllium. I think Metamucil is about 96% psyllium. The other 4%, though, is junk he doesn’t need. Psyllium is easily found at any whole foods market. Start with a small amount, increase as necessary. It should also work within 3-5 days.
    Good luck and let me know.

  30. Brenda Holden

    I need help. My son Brandon Bennett was killed by a drunk driver a year ago today. I need to talk to him…see him.. Make sure he is ok. I ma so scared and I miss him so much. Please help me. I need to know that he is ok.

  31. Since requesting a healing penpal I have found myself feeling lighter in spirit and more introspective about my life, thinking of the good times. Having chronic pain does make it a challenge to see hope for a happy future, but I am focused on each moment enjoying the now and praying for strength and peace. Thank you for taking the time and energy to help me. Sincerely Elizabeth F.

  32. Lisamarie Leonard

    I am so inspired by you and all you do to help the world…
    I need some advice on how to get rid of this black cloud that hangs over my head for a very long time .
    A friend of mine told me all about you and introduced me to all your books and Ive been reading them ever since. Im looking forward to hearing from you.

  33. I have been almost totally pain free for several days! It is palpable the healing energy coming from my healer. I was having terrible neck and upper back pain, actually it became excrutiating (sic) and along with my lymphatic cancer it had been all consuming. My energy level is good and my state of mind is calm and serene. Along with Thich Nahn Hahn’s book, “No Mud, No Lotus” which is just what I needed to release my suffering and sorrow. I am happy in spite of my situation. Please accept my deep gratitude for your help.

  34. michelle m triska

    i would like to request healing again michelle m triska
    7600 broadview rd apt 206-2
    parma, ohio 44134
    healing for pancreatic enzyme insufficency gas flautence, hernia, pain, quit smoking blessings. please send it as long as possible if you can thank u . also for anger and stress.

  35. Vicki Rose

    Hello I was hoping that I could have one of your lovely healers send some healing to me .. If that is possible? I live in Australia. My name is Vicki Rose :) I have a pancreas problem. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you & blessings to you all :) xxx

  36. Teresa Calhoun

    I am struggling with heath issues and an alcoholic husband who is wanting to stop drinking. I am asking for prayers of health and for beating his addiction. I am trying to change to positive thinking but struggle daily.

  37. wendy buchanan

    Hello I was referred to you through a friend,I’ve read a little bit about you and feel as though you may help me in ways that others may not be able to help.I have had a very hard struggle these past years and I recently got married and am afraid my marriage may be in jeapordy.I have been very depressed and been struggling with my weight I need a healing for my soul.I also have most connection with my dad he’s alive but does not want anything to do with me I just need a healing and some patch work on my soul and I heard you were the one to go to.Thank you for your time I hope you can help me.

  38. Laura Young

    I was just diagnosed with melanoma lesions in my lungs. I’ve been suffering from a horrible respiratory infection for the last 5 weeks and a ticklish cough in my throat that never goes away. It is debilitating; I can hardly eat anything because of coughing so much (have lost 15 pounds in the last month). I can only sleep while sitting up and THEN only for a few hours at a time (AFTER taking my nightly dose of codeine cough syrup; has helped but not healed the problem). I have pulled and strained numerous muscles from coughing so hard. None of the medicines I am taking seem to be helping and I’m at the end of my rope. PLEASE send some healing energy my way. Thank you!

  39. Rosalina

    I need some serious healing please. I have been experiencing severe panic and anxiety episodes that leave me feeling numb and like my body is on fire. I have always had anxiety but this is new and I think it maybe a panic attack. Not sure why these have come on all of the sudden. Any help would so tremendously appreciated!!!

  40. Kari Dennis

    I need some psycholigical healing.I need some healing for my anxiety and healing for my head to calm it down please and healing for the heart my mother passed away recently form cancer.

  41. Linda

    I am very interested in the healing pen pals. I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer that has already spread; I had surgery about 5 weeks ago. I am going to be starting chemo therapy in a week or so, and I would really appreciated the comfort of the healing capabilities both as I continue to heal and start treatment.

    Thanks so much. I will keep you informed as to my progress.

    Very sincerely,


  42. Stephanie

    I struggle with depression and anxiety and have for years. My mom passed away almost a year ago unexpectedly and I am having a very hard time dealing with this. She passed away for an “accidental overdoes” but I believe otherwise. I worry all the time about my children’s and my future. I stay awake at night thinking about everything that may happen. I just wish I didn’t worry so much and I learned how to except my moms death. Thank you

  43. Jackie - Ontario Canada

    I would like a healing pen pal. My husband and soul mate of 40 years has past away after a 2 year battle with cancer. He passed away at home. I miss him so much the pain is almost unbearable. I could use your help please. My husbands name is Steve and I don’t feel him and I worry about him. If you could help me please.

  44. Rebecca chance

    Hi I’m writing in regards to the email about receiving healing for 15 days from a healer and would like to ask for healing for myself .
    I have had panic / anxiety attacks since I was a pre- teen and now that are severe and I’m 48 .
    I’m a flight attendant and sometimes difficult for me to be in the airplane, elevators , certain hotel rooms ,
    Cars , boats.
    I just want to live a normal life , I have been told I’m empathic and pyschic and that’s why this is happening.
    I have been meditating & surrounding myself with Gods white light and have read Echos books.
    I still experience anxiety, it’s hard to be a flight attendant when your the one who wants to get off the plane or doesn’t want to stay in the hotel room the company has provided you with .
    Would like any help that one of your healers can offer me.
    Thank you

  45. Monica

    I am asking for healing for my husband Mark in Royalton, Minnesota. Mark is currently undergoing chemo therapy for bladder cancer. His last round has been tough on him causing headaches, urinary infection and now hernias. I would greatly appreciate healing thoughts sent his way to overcome these obstacles and rid his body of the cancer. Thank you.

  46. Sandy

    Thank you so much for the healing for my daughter. She looks, feels great! Her demeanor is upbeat, the way it used to be. I can’t thank you enough. God bless you!

  47. Sandy

    My son could use some healing as he is always stressed about work. He is a correction officer and its a very stressful job. He worries about everything and takes the littlest thing to another level. He’s got his wife stressed out and i’m worried for his overall health. Please send him healing prayers. His name is Adam …city is Miller Place, NY. 11764.
    thank you so much.

  48. Nancy Carlson

    Aloha wonderful friends! I have been having difficulty with pain in my upper right hand side of my neck by my skull, my right shoulder, both elbows and arms from tendonitis, and a sharp pain on the back of my rib cage that is on the right hand side about half way down. I have tried to figure out when these pains come and it’s when I have been reprimanded, treated poorly, or are stressed out. Thanksgiving was typical of my Dad, critical of Mom and me (OCD personality disorder?). Everything has to be “right”.

    Also at work I get some reprimanding and condescending. I know these are buttons from my childhood. Feel free to do what you think is helpful for me. I’m ready to let the little girl go (I’m 53 for goodness sake).

    As far as the tendonitis, I think that is from repetitive actions from typing etc.

    Thanks so much for helping! I’ll keep you posted. And I’ll try to change my thought patterns and try not to be so sensitive to criticism.

    With light and love!


  49. Nancy Carlson

    Just wanted to give you an update: I have been having tendonitis in my arms that is making my elbows really hurt and become weak. Also my shoulder (right hand side) gets a knot, my neck by my skull on the right hand side limits my ability to turn my head. And my rib on the right hand side is really sore (kinda where your bra sits – but it’s not from that). I have found that since I requested your help I have been able to undo my neck pretty easily by asking the universe to release it and moving my head, my shoulder still gets a knot, but right now it’s not hurting, and my rib is the problem child still.

    Really thrilled that you are able to help! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep working on my posture, and getting to the problem before it gets too bad. I really think it’s because of stress.

  50. Rochelle Staley

    Hi, I was receiving the distance healing, but can not find the email to send feed back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


  51. Nancy Carlson

    The healing worked for awhile, but my tendonitis in my right arm in really bad. Love some healing there! You guys rock.
    With much love!

  52. Susan

    I am in need of healing help. I am a 2009 graduate of Echo’s beginning healing class, but have been unable to help myself with this issue. For many years, I’ve been experiencing severe headaches and neck pain and finally was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia (on right side of neck) which causes migraine-like headaches that affect the right side of my head and also behind my right eye. An MRI also revealed arthritis in my cervical disks, which adds to neck pain and reaches down into my trapezius muscles. Now and then I’ve had to cancel work commitments due to pain, and since I am self-employed, this isn’t financially good!
    I’ve tried any number of “preventative” medications but didn’t like the side effects. I use pain meds sparingly because I don’t want to get addicted to them.
    I’ve had several courses of physical therapy over the years. Since July 2015, I’ve been getting steroid injections in my neck and occipital nerve every 6 to 8 weeks. This helps the pain for a while, but also causes mood swings and sleep problems, followed by the “crash” as the steroids wear off. I had Botox injections (for migraines) two weeks ago which unfortunately increased my neck pain! I am returning to physical therapy this coming Friday for myofascial release of the neck and shoulder muscles as well as craniosacral work.
    Meanwhile, I am a newlywed and sincerely want to kick this longstanding problem in the ass! I want to be a healthy, happy wife to my guy — he deserves that!
    There are some (risky) surgeries available for these conditions but clearly I’d rather avoid those if possible. Some healing for my physical pain as well as my mood and attitude (that I CAN heal this and live pain free!!) would be very appreciated. Any help you can offer would be great! I know that the Healing Pen Pals program is a good one! Thank you!

  53. Darcy

    I can absolutely say without a doubt the distance healing improved my anxiety and fears! I would say after about a week I noticed a difference. I had let my anxiety and fears take over, and knew this had affected my day to day life. My relationships and quality of life had suffered greatly. Shortly after requesting a distance healing, I was sent an email with the name of my healer. It is no coincidence that my healer and mother share the same name (my mother passed away 14 years ago).

    I know I’m functioning better, and pushing through any anxiety or fears I have now (it doesn’t happen too often!). I’m truly grateful for the healer’s time and energy! Please tell her: Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  54. Carmen Nomeia Gassner

    Olá quero receber o tratamento de cura à distância para diabetes e medo de morrer sozinha com hiperglicemia. Obrigada.

  55. Sher Christian

    I wold love some healing. I have been having a difficult time physically.
    Thank you so much!

  56. sunita

    Dear healer
    Can you shower your healing rays in form of absent healing to p.v.sunita, female, 44, residing in India, bangalore. She has arthritis.

  57. Mona Moore

    I would like to be on your healing list for breast cancer and chronic pain on right side of neck and collarbone. Thank you.

  58. Aleeah Theiss-Schuda

    I am requesting healing on the behalf of my step-sister (Teri Sullivan)
    & her husband (Robert).

    Robert Sullivan lives in Pratt, Kansas but is in a hospital in Wichita. Robert’s bladder erupted last Sat (no known cause). He had undergone 3 surgeries in 4 first days there. Currently he is being watched for further internal bleeding & waiting for his blood counts to return to normal.
    Teri Sullivan, I fear cannot take much more stress. She faithfully over-watched the care of our father as my proxy for 2 years while being ridiculed by her other siblings. Our father died on Feb 7th. Teri took care of everything, cremation, services, viewings, luncheon & all finances & now this.
    I ask for healing for Robert envisioning him in perfect health for his highest good.
    I ask for healing for Teri envisioning her wrapped in angels wings of love & peace so that her heart & soul be healing.
    Thank you so much for all you do. XOXOXO

  59. Dustyn Doyle

    My name is Dustyn Doyle, I am 22, I have suffered from heart, lung deficiency since birth and scoliosis for over 18 years. I have been praying and waiting on my healing for a long time. I believe I have a healing in store for me, if you could please help I would greatly appreciate it.

  60. Susan

    I have struggled for many years with fears of sickness; especially blood and the sounds of beeping machines hospitals use. I do not want to live with this panic and fear any longer.
    Please help me…..I am completely open and welcome you!

    Thank you!

  61. dear friends, i haven’t been around the center much lately. i’ve been far more busy living half time in pepin, wisconsin, than i imagined. and it seemed like i had the same amount to do in minneapolis with half as much time. plus, there have been some health issues. i really should have kept coming around to healing group, but for some reason, i resisted. i guess its alot easier for me to give than to recieve. now i am asking for healing help. i have a life long history of heart challenges, including two heart failures, the first when i was 20. of late, i have been having difficulty sleeping, mostly because of my heart. and now i am dealing with heart arrythmias during the day. and my cardiologist is recommending a heart operation, a procedure where they put a catheter up my leg vein, put my heart into arrythmia to determine where it is short circuiting, and then cauterize that spot. so i am asking to be in people’s thoughts and prayers. i am actually looking forward to this procedure. its the time between now and it happening april 19th that has become challenging. sometimes i feel fine and take the dog for a walk. sometimes, i can’t get up 5 steps. and hardest is not being able to sleep at night. i’m not going to die from this, its just become challenging. thank you for all your efforts, for me, and for all the others your prayers and healing reach out to. love, dougie

  62. Mona Moore

    Please assign me a healing helper to pray for continued healing of breast cancer, chronic neck pain, and relief of anxiety and stress due to my condition and dealing with so much paper work, decisions, doctors, insurance, etc.

  63. Renee

    This message from Echo Bodine shook me to my core! I have been slowly losing myself in every aspect of my life…the last time this happened was exactly two weeks after 9/11 when I broke down and ended up being hospitalized. I need healing and would truly appreciate help.

  64. karin bendel

    I am looking for someone who has myofascial pain syndrome and must deal with daily pain, as a penpal.

    If you are interested, please respond.

    My myofascial is in my neck and head and is the result of a car whip lash accident.

  65. Sharon Thornburg

    I understand I can asking for pray healing. My son is losing his hearing and his teeth is decay. He is only 34 years old. I am asking for healing prayers.
    Thank you for supporting my son. I am full of gratitude.

  66. marit pettersen

    please send healing to my horse flying yankee Labello 16 years to stiff throughout their bodies. have had him since he was 6 years and we will not kill him when he ‘s our best friend. vet can not do anything when the body is just terribly stiff. Another treatment he receives . we come to you for help to come to our best friend who is so kind to good . we rescued him from slaughter when he was 6 years to spent a lot of love to get him healthy. Now we will ask for help once again . lots of love from marit

  67. Linda

    I am so grateful to all of you. Following six months of pain and a surgery that has been difficult to recuperate from, I finally feel some relief. Recently I was advised a second surgery would be needed to stabilize my spine. Because of the relief from pain, my surgeon (just yesterday) ordered physical therapy for four weeks instead!

    I attribute this amazing improvement to the healing power of this beautiful group.
    Thank you.

  68. Linda

    I just want to share that its been several weeks now since I requested your help with healing following my surgery. Although the fifteen days of requested healing ended some time ago – the healing itself continues. I improve somewhat with each new day. I am very grateful to all of you.

  69. Anna

    Thank you so much! I could tell so much of a difference, very effective. I appreciate it!

  70. Maria

    Hi my name is Maria I would like to request a healing. I been feeling a dark heavy cloud by me and my kids . I think this big dark cloud was also the one that broke up me and ex love Robert . I Can I request a healing on him too on Robert he’s the other half of my heart. Wish he comes back home. Its like I take one step forward and 3 steps back . Trying to keep my head high its hard sometimes. thank you in advance ..love and light xx

  71. Denise Emrick

    Hello, looking for help! My husband was killed 6/26/2016 in a motorcycle accident. He was 55 years old. His birthday was July 2 and he would have been 56. We were married in 1997. I feel so alone! His biological family has been awful. Thankfully God is good and I do have my work family and his work family. My husband was an anesthesia assistant at fairview riverside hospital for 28 years, I am a trauma nurse in the operating room at regions hospital in St. Paul, mn. We have spent our lives caring for other people . I miss him so much that I ache. Healing prayers requested. He was my everything, I don’t know how to live without him. I wonder if he is ok, if he is ok with the decisions I have been making without him. Please help. God bless you! Denise Emrick
    2225 Creekside Court, Eagan, Mn 55122-1908 cell 651-331-6267 email gizmo321@mail.com

  72. Caroline Serpa

    Olá, Preciso de ajuda para alma da minha irmã Luciane Serpa de Medeiros, ela está muito mau com câncer em fase terminal.

    obrigada Caroline

  73. Christine

    Again, I would like to express my gratitude to Paul M. for his remote energy work that has made a profound difference in my life. My anxiety and depression has significantly decreased allowing me to be more engaged in life. Thank you so much.

  74. jane counter

    we have a lot in common i also do healing work and have been on a deep spiritual path. much of my life i have had experiences similar to what you have described i am now in an intense ascension process with many painful physical symptoms including a tremor .i understand this to be a higher level frequency adjustment and DNA upgrade but thought you might know more about it and be able to help. i think many people will need help with these changes . my whole family is in service to the Divine plan we are living in boquete panama i would love to connect thanks jane .

  75. Gail Bryant

    I am totally blind as a result of beingborn premature between 24-26 weeks gestation. I own a business wherein I teach blind children and adults. Several years ago, I started having balance and arthritis problems and nobody seems to know why. The medical community says it’s because of vision, but I have been blind all of my life and that never affected my balance.I also have been told I need heart surgery. When it was supposed to happen, they cancelled it because the diagnosis was wrong. So I am asking for healing. I will be glad to leave a comment.

  76. Anastasia Dzenowagis

    Request for Healing – Hello I broke my ankle 8/10 and had surgery on it 8/18 for a fractured fibula. It is my left ankle.
    It was a weird injury, I just stepped on it wrong. I am requesting healing both physically and for whatever emotional issues may be involved both before the injury and after that may be involved. My sincere thanks. Anastasia

  77. Annie

    My sisters three year old great grandson whose name is Everett Antone IV is in very critical condition in the Children’s Hospital in Denver, CO. He has pancreatitis, and has kidney and liver failure. Please send him healings. Thank you.

  78. Terri

    I keep going in many different directions…mind, body and soul.
    I’m thinking I need a, healing direction.
    Jumbled mess!

    Thank you,

  79. Judy Sanders

    Please pray for my husband who has a very early biopsy which showed non-aggressive and aggressive cancer cells in his prostate. That’s all we know for now. We see the doctor on Thursday. Thank you.

  80. Tina Kropifko

    Hi, I lost my link to a healer who is offering prayers for my Husband Art, His name is Mark. I wanted to let him know that my husbands better eye may have improved a bit. They will know more after his 3rd injection. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  81. Kim Leitheiser

    I’ve had back problems for years. I would also ask for my mom she has balance problem and her left eye. Her name is fern vescio she doesn’t have internet. Thank you so much and God bless you

  82. Karen ODonnell

    Thakn you for your healing support earlier this year for my brother, Steve, from Chicago. He was undergoing chemo for Lymphoma…..happy to report he is in remission (because doctors never say cured) …his energy is 110% above and beyond what it used to be…his hair has grown back . His attitude is amazing and Happy!

  83. Kenneth Lankford

    Echo, I just finished your book on Hands That Heal . I was vary impressed in reading this book by you . I love it threw out but the conclusion touched home I’ve been a practitioner Reikimaster for some time now , mostly into distant healing so I can vary much appreciate your experience’s. Just know you will be in my healing thoughts I intend on getting your other books in appreciation and for my own personal benefit moving forward. Thank you along with blessings to you and your health Kenneth w Lankford

  84. Renee McGary

    I just finished your book What happens when we die. I have read so many books on grieving, death and GOD but this book is the first that has made me feel as though my son Cody is okay. Cody is my son and he was 21 yrs of age when he passed away in a car accident. My heart is so broken and I lost my faith in God and the higher power. I have been asking questions and reading to find some kind of answers about death. I need to know I will see my son again and he’s okay and in a good place and your book has made me almost feel that I can believe I will see him again.

  85. Jim Borseth

    My sister, Janice Wilson, has stage 4 cancer.
    She lives in Grove Oklahoma,
    please do what you can to help her

  86. Lynn

    I hope this is the contact form for healing pen pals. I have two requests . The first is for my nephew Andrew who had been struggling with many issues including drugs, depression …, job relationship issues. His whole life is a shambles and he does not seem to b see anything as a wake up call. He just left in patient rehab. He has a high school education to finish to move truly forward and all the personal things I mentioned. I no longer can b in his presence he is so disrespectful abusive verbally. So it was hard for me to reach out for help for him. I decided to after I just got back from the movie a case for Christ . Andrew lives in St. Cloud, mn and currently does not have a permanent residence.

  87. Anonymous

    I need healing prayers facing a possible cancer diagnosis and having a procedure done on 05/01/16. I am honestly terrified and need prayers. Thank you

  88. Dub Horn

    I need healing for my lover, Marian. Her intestence have given her a lot of trouble. She also takes toooooo many meds. Thanks. Please send healing energy.

  89. Andrea

    I would appreciate a healing for my granddaughter Lexi,mind,spiritual,and physical,she’s has a cough since last year. Doctors say it’s different things. And I also would like same healing,but I had lung surgery also. Grateful to you,thank you Andrea and lexi

  90. Jorge Leon


    I was encouraged and was recommended to visit this website by my sister to receive distance healing. This is all new to me and I am very open to learn and receive healing for my family, specially my two teenage sons who are going through difficult times in their lives.

    Please where me where to start

    Thanks so much

  91. Katelyn

    Since the beginning of this year I have had really bad anxiety. To the point where I was barely eating, and fearing that I was going to throw up. I figured once the school year was over I would be ok, but I’m still struggling and I just want to get back to my normal happy-go-lucky self. I am going to be leaving for college soon and I just want to be back to my normal self again before I leave so I don’t end up being all freaked out like I have been the last couple of months! Any healing would be wonderful! Thanks!