Online Psychic Development for Beginners

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This interactive course will take you through 6 weeks of engaging activities, all designed to open you up to your innate intuitive abilities — your soul’s gifts. This course now includes a private Facebook page and biweekly teleseminars. Ask Echo your questions and get personal feedback on your intuitive development live! Register today at Viva Institute.

The price for the 6-week class is $227. Check the calendar for class dates.

People often ask:

“Am I _______ enough?

Whatever your “blank” is, the answer is YES.

You don’t need to “be psychic” to take this course. Wherever you are on your path, it is enough, and you are enough. We’ll help you take it from here.

Course Content

This interactive 6-week course is designed to open you up to your innate intuitive abilities. In her warm, engaging style, Echo will coach you to explore those “coincidences” and intuitive hits that you’ve been experiencing. Through video lectures, live teleseminars, blog posts, and other activities, this class will cover:

  • How to interpret the coincidences in your life
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides
  • Using psychic protection and clearing to protect yourself from becoming a “psychic sponge”
  • Using grounding to keep ourselves in the “real world.”


The Four Psychic Gifts. In this course, you’ll also learn about the Psychic Gifts: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairgustance. The course’s activities will help you to interpret what you see and coach you to better define, understand and practice your own unique gifts. Register today at Viva Institute.

Course Pacing

Although there is a suggested learning path, you’ll have the ability to complete the content on your own time at whatever time of day works best for you. Anticipate devoting about 3-4 hours of your time per week throughout the duration of this series.

The goal of this course isn’t for you to drop your day job and pick up a crystal ball, but who knows? You may discover a hidden talent that’s been waiting to be discovered. Whatever the outcome, you will have given yourself a gift that will last a lifetime.

Technology Requirements

All you’ll need is a computer, internet access, and an email address.


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