Clarification on Fall Classes

Many of you have asked for clarification on which classes are coming up this Fall, so here is the full list:


  • Tuesday, September 5, 2017: Psychic Development
  • October 4: Healing Classes with Carol Lowell



In-Person Classes

Tuesday, September 5, 2017: 14-week Psychic Development Class

7:00 – 9:15 pm


Intuition, Clairvoyance, Psychic Exercises and Interpretation, Clairaudience, Psychic  Exercises, Clairsentience and Clairgustance, Mediumship,  Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirits, Ghosts/ Ghostbusting Astral Projection (soul travel) Reincarnation/Past Life Regression, Aura’s, Tarot, Seances, Channeling, Ouija Board, Pendulums

Each week we’ll discuss a different topic (not necessarily the order listed), and do a psychic development exercise.


$30 /per week, pay per week.

People always ask me if it’s okay to miss a few classes here and there. My answer is that you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. It’s completely up to you and how much you want to develop your gifts. This class changes people’s lives in a very positive way, You will understand yourself and the way life works more than ever.


Class will be held at The Center for Intuitive Living  5356 Chicago Ave. So. in Minneapolis. Please register by sending name and email address to:

October 4: Healing Classes with Carol Lowell

Get more details at her website:

Online Classes

You can take my online classes in any order, and repeat them as often as you want. Many people take these classes again for the community connection – that’s why we’re here!

September 5 – October 15:  Psychic Development Level 2

If you’re interested in precognition, ghosts, spirit guides and psychic tools, join us. You’ll talk to me every other week, have a private community, and will get lots of practice with other like-minded people. You do not have to have taken Level 1 in order to take Level 2. Register at Viva Institute.


  • Giving Readings / Interpreting What You Read
  • Psychic Tools (psychometry, pendulums, tarot)
  • Mediumship
  • Ghosts and Spirits
  • Energetic Clearing / Clearing Physical Spaces
  • Astral Projection
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Ethics and Boundaries

October 16 – November 20: Psychic Development for Beginners Level I

This interactive 6-week course, which has taught more than a thousand people in 6 continents, will take you through a wide range of engaging activities, all designed to open you up to your innate intuitive abilities—your soul’s gifts.

  • Understanding Intuition
  • Grounding and Clearing
  • The Gift of Prophesy
  • Telling Family and Friends
  • Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
  • Clairgustance and Clairsentience
  • Giving Your First Reading

For more information about learning with me online, visit Viva Institute.

About Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she had psychic abilities at the age of 17. Over the years she has written many books, hosted TV and radio shows, worked as an intuitive teacher and ghostbuster and continues to help people world-wide to open to their own intuitive capacities. Read More and follow Echo on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Sofia Pico-Ambrosio

    Hi Echo,
    I have taken your online Psychic Development class I and yesterday I was at your live Denver workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed both and love your energy and way of teaching. I would love to learn your method of hands-on healing. I see that DVD’s were once available but not anymore. Do you plan on teaching this online at some point? I am very interested.
    Thank you

  2. Forget what others think. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished, and don’t measure yourself by any standards that don’t fit. The main question is, are you happy? Do you get a sense of satisfaction out of your life? Then that’s what really matters. If you can answer in the affirmative to both those questions, you’re way ahead of the game and better off than most.

  3. The early part of the week is a great time to make your dreams come true — especially if those dreams involve love or romance. Don’t be shy about creating new opportunities for yourself. You’ll want to take some kind of direct action on Thursday and Friday, but make sure there’s at least an element of generosity in your motivation or you’ll risk looking mean-spirited. What you do this weekend will affect your close friends and relations, so try to be as open as possible with them.

  4. Ay caramba! People just can’t stay away from you as the week begins. You’re radiating megawatt confidence right now, and the attraction is obvious (as is — hopefully! — the potential for romance). By the middle of the week, that magnetism could die down and you might discover that you’re the one who’s fallen under someone’s spell. Tread carefully until you’re sure the feeling is mutual. By Thursday or Friday, your usual confidence and sense of ambition are back in force, and others (especially those in positions of authority) will be impressed. The only threat to your harmony this weekend will come from home — just try to stay flexible and open.

  5. Your wallflower disguise isn’t fooling anyone on Monday; there’s so much going on underneath the surface. Hot! And there’s no cooling trend on Tuesday and Wednesday, either; set up a great date or make an interesting proposal to someone sweet to take advantage of the cosmic energy. Engage a little skepticism toward the end of the week, and make sure your own romantic motives are pure. This weekend’s a fine time to test some new waters in the love arena — heck, throw some bubbles in and light some candles while you’re at it.

  6. One of the patterns that emerges over time in any of your work situations is a pattern of influence. You are a natural leader. You have an eye for the future and, on Monday especially, people find themselves drawn to you for various reasons. In turn, you find yourself thinking bigger and bigger. On Thursday, feeling ambitious and in control, you’re going to make a giant decision, a decision that is going to change things for the better. Your successes at work are going to put you in a state of mind to make a few changes at home this weekend.

  7. As the week begins, people just can’t stay away from you. (Doesn’t this remind you of home?) You’re exceptionally confident and magnetic right now — even away from your good ol’ friends and family — and you shouldn’t be bashful about it. Toward the middle of the week, use that self-assurance to take risks and lose yourself in the moment. Later in the week, you’ll need to focus more carefully on planning and details (tickets? reservations? itineraries?), so communicate carefully and don’t leave things to chance. This weekend, don’t be surprised to get a frantic, frustrated phone call or email from home. (Not everyone is off having as good a time as you!)

  8. A trine between the sun and retrograde Pluto on May 11 takes your investigative curiosity to a whole new level. Not only do you want to learn all you can about current events and/or mysterious topics but you’ll also go to great lengths to cover up your research. You love to be the only one who knows whatever secrets you’ve managed to find, and you’ll covertly think of a way to use it to your advantage at some point in the future. When Mars enters friendly Aquarius on the sixteenth, you’re much more group-oriented than usual. It’s fair to say that you aren’t typically the first person to step up and volunteer for group outings or events, but you benefit from a boost in social energy under the Water Bearer’s influence. You can do a lot when you’re less focused on personal gain and more dedicated to the greater good. The sun-Mars trine on May 23 takes your sex drive up several notches, and you ooze sensuality and passion. Your charm is mesmerizing, and most people are powerless against it. If you’ve wanted to fulfill a certain fantasy, you won’t get much resistance now from a partner or wannabe lover!

  9. You are hot in May, and it isn’t just because of the weather. It probably wouldn’t be wise to act on all of those urges you’re feeling. Of course, if you’re getting a “go” signal from your inner wisdom (and don’t forget your partner), well, turn all that sexy magnetism on full blast. It just can’t be hidden, though you try. When the new moon in sultry Taurus shines its silvery light on your house of committed love on May 15, you can expect you’ll want to tighten the screws and bolts on this affair. The very next day, your ancient ruler Mars squares volatile, sex-driven Uranus, and love suddenly feels as though it’s a matter of life and death. Make no mistake – your partner loves every minute of the tension you bring to a tryst. After all, who wouldn’t want to be tied up with you and your sultry, steady love? The last weekend of the month could be one of those super long encounters that provoke powerful romantic urges and send you down the road to legalizing this bond. On the twenty-ninth, a full moon in Sagittarius shines its beautiful light on a long day of love that paves the way to commitment.

  10. The bright sun joins retrograde Pluto in a trine on May 11, making you even more curious than you already are. Imagine that, Scorpio. This transit has a hint of darkness to it, however, so your curiosity may be piqued about things that could be unhealthy or dangerous. Your passions run deep, and that will never change, but be wary of exploring taboo topics and letting yourself be persuaded by negative influences. When Mars, your guiding planet, moves into quirky Aquarius on the sixteenth, your romantic experiences can be hit or miss. Sometimes the more you try, the less you succeed, and then out of the blue something wonderful will happen for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The Water Bearer’s energy is hard to predict, so while you’d prefer to be prepared rather than wing it, you’ll try to just go with the flow whenever possible during this transit. There’s an upbeat trine between the sun and Mars on May 23 that puts you in a passionate mood. You naturally want to make the first move, and your aggressiveness can be sexy with the right partner. Don’t continue to try to take the lead if your partner doesn’t want to follow, though, because being strong-willed isn’t always seductive.

  11. The month of May brings smooth and harmonious conditions. On May 1, Gemini Venus aspects serious Saturn, and part of the harmony involves repairing relationships. You accomplish more with kindred spirits on your side. It’s a matter of proper timing between the eighth and ninth as the sun and Venus aspect generous Jupiter. Don’t underestimate the importance of small chances, because you’re waiting for the epic opportunity to arrive. In this light, it is something seemingly small that liberates you.On May 15, unpredictable Uranus begins a long Taurus transit (to 2026) in your partnership sector. Today’s new moon makes it an auspicious time to start something new. And productive Aquarius Mars helps you make progress through early November. No positive step goes unused or unrecognized. Make a wish as Scorpio Jupiter trines Neptune on the twenty-fifth. You have a very fortunate ten-day window with this one. On May 26 and May 27, search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting during the two days of your lucky weekend. Mercury starts a transit in Gemini and your sector of shared resources on the twenty-ninth, helping you strengthen networks and friendly ties that you’ll find very helpful next month when you might have to go back and reconnect.

  12. Keep working hard and piling up those “ah ha” moments that keep you progressing and getting healthier. Sure, it’s sometimes hard to drag yourself to the gym or outside for your run. Do it anyway. There is so much happiness when you can see improvement. You know that you’re becoming better and better. On May 1, put on your workout gear and go. If the evening is better, fine, but don’t skip. On the fifth, get serious about how much fun this is. The moon conjoins Pluto and then Mars today. Do a strong run or gym session. On May 7, do the weight room and go for more reps. Mercury squares Pluto today. Do your favorite thing on the eleventh – walk, skate, or Bikhram yoga. Sweat up a storm and then consider the hot tub. The sun trines Pluto today. On May 19, remember nutrition and get to the farmers’ market. Think fresh, local, and unprocessed if you can. You’re ready to break a personal best when the sun trines Mars on the twenty-third. May 26 and May 27 are your power days with the moon in Scorpio. Memorial Day is the twenty-eighth. Explore a new trail or park and have a great weekend. Celebrate a dynamite month!

  13. Monday and Tuesday bring a tidal surge of tremendous energy that help you move forward on large-scale efforts, but it may also keep you from paying close attention to small details. The middle of the week sharpens your mind and your focus, so you should be able to catch anything you missed earlier. Be careful not to say too much before you’ve thought things through. The weekend should be intensely social for you and allow you to follow up on introductions and suggestions from earlier in the week.

  14. Avoid big, confusing commitments as the week begins, whether mundane (like, say, a new cell-phone calling plan) or more emotional in nature (like, say, a hot date with someone cute but dangerous). Rest assured, you’ll feel more sure-footed making decisions later in the week. Tuesday and Wednesday could present problems in your social life, and the best thing to do right now might also be (weirdly) the selfish thing. So go ahead and put yourself first for once. Late in the week, you’ll be — successfully! — juggling competing commitments, and this weekend you’ll have the smarts to keep from overreacting and getting emotional.

  15. Get out of the house and shake things up on Monday. Matters of the heart may not be smooth as silk, but a little texture keeps things interesting. Tuesday and Wednesday could find you with a fear of the unknown, but don’t close yourself off completely. Indecision can be a fine way to stay open to your romantic options. Give yourself some props toward the end of the week, and devote some of your famous T.L.C. to yourself. Admit it: You’re really, really worth it. If you feel like being a homebody this weekend, relax and enjoy. If you decide to go out, well, look out, world!

  16. What with everything you have on your mind on Monday, this new decision you have to make is just beyond your capacity. You’re in no state to make the call. Emotions are running high and you’re just not willing to risk the consequences. You might want to let everyone (including the boss) know that you’re going through some intense stuff and will be preoccupied all week. Do something nurturing for yourself on Wednesday, and consider canceling your Friday night social plans. You need some rest and relaxation — and a stress-free weekend. Imagine how good that will feel.

  17. Making choices can be the hardest part of traveling sometimes, and unfortunately Monday could find you puzzled and conflicted. Don’t feel like you need to make any big decisions just now. The rest of the week will present some promising opportunities for taking side trips on your own — so go on and hit the road solo! You’ve got things that you need to sort out anyway, and the solace of traveling alone can be powerful medicine. Make plans with confidence and don’t worry about what others might think. This weekend, let your head be your travel guide. (Your heart could use a break.)

  18. A new moon (your emotional ruler) in Taurus on May 15 creates some unbalanced energy as the Bull challenges your emotional outlook and asks whether you can be as efficient and effective as you need to be when you let your emotions run the show. Make a list of what you need to have in order to feel emotionally secure, and then work hard to get those things.Venus enters your domestic domain on the nineteenth, and you feel especially bonded with family, friends, and lovers. Your domestic nature makes you a natural for cooking quiet dinners at home for loved ones and throwing intimate dinner parties for close friends, and your attention to detail is unmatched by Martha Stewart herself. You know that the environment you eat in is just as important as what’s on the menu, and you make sure both are picture-perfect. You get caught up in the excitement of potential travel during the full moon in adventurous Sagittarius on May 29, but make sure that everything at home is taken care of before you pack your bags. You can’t have a good time on a trip until you know that your plants are watered, your pets are loved, and your home is secured!

  19. May is surreal this month as a mutually transforming encounter during a sexy quarter moon on the seventh leaves both of you joined at the hip and brings you closer to a long-held dream. No one ever thinks of you as a drama queen, but you do let all your feelings hang out this month. Did you ever think love could be this easy? You, the one who always takes the direct route to sexy interludes, instead find that taking a side road can be even more exciting. On the weekend of May 12, letting go of pent-up anxieties and just plain venting to that special person results in more intimacy or attachment, and that’s exactly what you wanted. Nothing is more of a turn-on than soothing naughty words, caresses, and makeup sex. You aren’t a clingy lover, though, and you’ll need some alone time to reinvigorate that lusty spirit you keep under lock and key. On the twenty-fifth, bountiful Jupiter in Scorpio embraces the idealistic but also hedonistic Neptune, allowing you the time to recharge your sexy spirit while savoring the experiences you’ve had. The full moon in Sagittarius on May 29 demands higher levels of both emotion and sensation, and your desire is more than satisfied.

  20. There’s a new moon in determined Taurus on May 15, which is somewhat of an emotional mismatch considering your ruling body’s sensitive nature versus the Bull’s stubborn and persistent ways. There is still the possibility of forward progress amid this clash of energy, but pursuing or maintaining a relationship during this transit will take more effort than usual. When loving Venus spends time in your sensitive sign, starting on the nineteenth, your love life needs to provide security, protection, and consistent growth for you to be happy. You give your all in return, and you’ll put everything into making a relationship develop and thrive. A full moon in friendly Sagittarius on May 29 makes you feel optimistic and upbeat. Despite what’s gone wrong regarding love in the past, you’re ready to give it another shot. You’re already feeling compassionate and generous, and right now you’re willing to offer your assistance to anyone who needs it. Is it possible to confuse your general happiness with feelings of love? Yes. But whenever you feel free enough to express what’s in your heart, aren’t you a winner whether you misread the situation or not?

  21. Bring connections together and turn ideas into realities in May. Don’t be afraid to welcome new partnerships. On May 4, the moon aspecting Capricorn Saturn appears when moonchildren need a reminder to avoid thinking with their emotions. Set new goals and ground rules for the next 30 days. Make strides when the moon squares the sun and lucky Jupiter on the seventh and eighth. You have the opportunity to develop the advantages over the next three days. On May 15, unique Uranus temporarily transits your sector of goals and objectives while adding an interesting, liberating flavor. Going along with the monthly theme, the transit attracts mentors. That day’s new Taurus moon is an auspicious time to begin something new. Mars, transiting your house of shared resources, accents bringing allies together in lucrative new ventures. May 17 is a lucky afternoon, and luck is with you all of May 18. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings when the stars are beneficial. Auspicious Venus starts a transit in your sign on the nineteenth. On May 25, Jupiter trines Neptune, giving you days of heightened ESP to help you understand your competition. Plans could come to fruition under the full Sagittarius moon on the twenty-ninth. Next month, assume more responsibilities.

  22. You’re focused on better health and fitness. Do you need anything to make it easier and more comfortable? Better shoes? A different skin moisturizer? Sports cream? Get it. You deserve it. Greet May 1 with a vigorous run or workout, then greet the day with extra energy. Respect your limits on the fourth, but don’t skip. How many steps today? The fifth is intense, with the moon conjoining Pluto and then Mars. Have a strong run or bike ride – staying safe, of course. Then dance through the night. It’s Cinco de Mayo! May 10 is for swimming or extra hot tub time. Is it time for new goggles or cap? The weekend of the thirteenth (Mother’s Day) is for more outdoor activities. Soak up the sun and enjoy running, biking, inline skating – or even gardening. May 18 and May 19 are your power days with the moon in Cancer, and Venus enters Cancer on Saturday. Upgrade your moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm. Looking good! If the twenty-fourth gets complicated, you’ll still do your workout. Memorial Day is May 28. Welcome summer with a day hike or volleyball game followed by a cookout. The full moon on the twenty-ninth could be for an evening walk with a companion. All right!

  23. Your job situation will be slightly confusing on Monday, and the situation won’t resolve itself for a day or two. Someone you can ordinarily count on for clarity will become obscure. Soon the fog will lift, and you’ll have more good advice than you’ll know what to do with. Get organized and see if you can move up to a new level. You might have to get the ball rolling, but others will help once you get things started. The weekend will bring challenges, but they’ll mostly be opportunities to discover hidden strengths.

  24. It might seem kind of corny, but try to get to know yourself a little better as the week begins. Monday sees you brimming with unusual (even for you!) curiosity and insight, and you might be surprised at your powers of observation. That intelligence keeps its prominence midweek (no surprise for a smart cookie like you), but instead of focusing you inward, it’ll give you a better handle on friendships and romantic relationships. Sadly, clarity can be fleeting, and later in the week your dealings with others could become momentarily muddied and confused. But this weekend, you’ll fall under the spell of someone mysterious and new. (Sound exciting? It is!)

  25. Scare up some fun and romance on Monday — with your charm factor way up, it shouldn’t be difficult at all. The early part of the week is perfect for some amorous information-gathering — you’re a veritable sleuth of the heart, whether you’re fishing around about someone new or looking deeper into an existing relationship. Your usual flexibility may desert you between Thursday and Saturday, but being dogmatic about a romantic situation gets you nowhere fast. Consciously adopt a different perspective — then try on yet another one. Be frank this weekend in order to clarify matters.

  26. You are wise to take this slowly. Recognizing business trends is something you can only do after enough time has passed; if you jump to conclusions, you’re bound to make a poor decision. This week, you’ll finally have the chance to put your brain to use in an interesting way. You and a couple close colleagues are going to put effort into thinking about long-term goals. There’s a chance that you’re going to disagree with one of your colleagues on Thursday, but you’re savvy enough to avoid arguing about interpersonal issues. You’re certainly open to ideas. And your own opinions are going to continue to evolve over the weekend.

  27. On Monday, you’ll be exceptionally curious and insightful, too — the perfect combination for a stranger in a strange land. Take your time and relish any new-found knowledge. By midweek (Tuesday and Wednesday, to be specific), you’ll find yourself full of energy and sharp as your trusty ol’ travel pocketknife. Embrace that enthusiasm and suss out something fun to match. Later in the week, you might have trouble getting along with other people (how unusual for you!), but just take your time and be flexible. There’s no sense alienating an otherwise agreeable traveling companion. This weekend, open yourself up to something (and perhaps someone) new. You’re ready for some fresh insight.

  28. Mercury, your quick-moving home planet, is all over the place (as usual) this month, but take special note of its square with retrograde Pluto on May 7. You benefit from deep and intense interactions and conversations with people, and while there’s a chance you’ll take things too seriously, the potential benefits far outweigh the costs. When your thoughts turn to darker topics, balance them out with some lighter ones. The sun enters your sociable sign on the twentieth, and you’re more than ready to have a party or network with potential business partners, co-workers, and/or employees. Just make sure your efforts to talk to virtually everyone on the scene doesn’t lead to you acquiring a flighty, flaky, or fake reputation. Another Mercury-Pluto interaction occurs on May 25, but this time in the form of a less intimidating trine. The energy here is favorable, and it’s easy for you to talk people into doing favors for you (or at least returning ones you did for them earlier in the month). One last notable Mercury transit is when it enters your sign on the twenty-ninth, allowing you to end the month on a high note. You really love puns and wordplay, and you’re an excellent flirt.

  29. All of May is a minefield of sexy interludes, and the always wordy Gemini uses language as a sex tool to tantalize a partner. Sometime after the eighth, it slowly sinks in that this isn’t just a one-night stand, and you’ll do whatever it takes to keep this special person interested. On May 15, a new moon in your twelfth house of behind-the-scenes love demands privacy, and once achieved, you’ll want to take this love affair to even deeper levels of privacy. You’ll stay behind closed doors for as long as you possibly can, but you might need to make a few wine and chocolate runs in the interim. On the very next day, you’ll be glad that you’re alone when Mars squares Uranus, intensifying the experimentation into one another’s need. You may not know it yet, but freewheeling Gemini is beginning to realize that what you want is this special someone who can turn a casual fling into a sizzling love affair. The stage is set on the weekend of the nineteenth for a tryst to remember. As if by magic, on Monday, the torrid quarter moon in the place of your home environment turns your four walls into a pleasure palace, and you discover that this special person has all the attributes you seek.

  30. Mercury, your fast-paced power planet, squares transformational Pluto (retrograde) on May 7, leaving you to struggle to truly connect with those you love (or want to get to know better). It’s frustrating when the potential is there but you can’t do what it takes to make it happen, especially when you’re used to being able to use your words to persuade and seduce. Stay away from destructive thoughts that include the words “I never” or “they always.” You get your turn to shine when the sun rotates into your witty sign on the twentieth, and you crave social interaction and knowledge. Your perfect match for the next month is someone who’s willing to indulge your whims but give you the freedom to move at your own pace independent of the relationship. This is a big ask, Gemini, but you prove to be a generous partner to the person who has what it takes to be “the one.” Mercury and Pluto partner up again to form a trine on May 25, and it produces much better energy than their meetup earlier in the month. Karmic relationships are formed and deepened during this transit, so don’t be surprised when you get that “meant to be” feeling around your current partner or someone new.

  31. Your actions indicate how events will play out in May. In this light, make the most of situations by using your strong points. On May 7, your ruler Mercury squares transformational Pluto. Plan well before starting a project and the forecast improves. Gemini Venus aspects retrograde Jupiter on the ninth, in case you need some good luck and added confidence. Taurus Uranus shakes and stirs like an earthquake on May 15. Your strong point here is mental agility more easily focused on figuring out the best ways to deal with things rather than going blindly ahead. That day’s new moon shines on initiating plans that are well thought out. That afternoon is also one of your lucky days. The sixteenth is also lucky. Send out resumes and search if job hunting, and schedule interviews and meetings when the stars are on your side. On May 22, Mercury in an opportunity aspect with mysterious Neptune suggests something is hidden or concealed. You need to find it and straighten it out. How do you do that? Think mid-March. Organize your thoughts when the Gemini sun aspects serious Saturn on the twenty-eighth and ruling planet Mercury begins a Gemini transit the next day. Don’t respond out of habit (Saturn is retrograde). Respond thoughtfully and after careful consideration. Heads up! Nurture your finances next month.

  32. Do your best now and outshine anyone around you. Not that you’ll care. Be consistent and make phenomenal progress now. Wake up on May 1 feeling and looking great. Do your run or workout and feel even greater. The seventh is less complicated than you think. Do your yoga or walking meditation and settle down. Move more on the weekend of May 12 and May 13. Walk, run, or bike and enjoy the air. Sunday is Mother’s Day. Exercise early. May 15, May 16, and the morning of May 17 are power days with the moon in Gemini. Gradually raise your expectations and excel when the moon conjoins Venus on Thursday. Write your healthy shopping list on the eighteenth, and visit the farmers’ market the next day. Seasonal fruits are getting better and better. The sun enters Gemini on May 20. It’s your weekend to soak up the rays and vitamin D. Maybe accept an invite to a new gym or try a special one-time offer on the twenty-fifth. May 28 is Memorial Day. Visit a new park or hot springs. Ah! On the twenty-ninth, the moon is full and Mercury enters Gemini. Your workout is definitely playtime. You’re doing great!

  33. The first few days of the week will be filled with friends — and their needs. You won’t mind at all, and will actually notice your relationships grow more rewarding. The middle of the week might zip past you, but don’t pick up your pace to try to catch up, especially if it’s your birthday. That deal that seems too good to be true probably is. The weekend will be fun and filled with good times and good people. Taking it easy is your best bet, but anything you choose to do will work out well. Money shouldn’t be a problem.

  34. The truth is, no one can be agreeable all the time. That’s not all bad in your case (you’re just passionate!), but early in the week you need to keep those stronger emotions (jealousy, for example) in check. Come midweek, your charm will kick back into drive, and others — especially anyone that qualifies as more exotic, to your thinking — will find themselves helplessly enamored. Thursday and Friday will find you pleasantly grounded and confident in your thoughts. Use this steady intellectual footing to learn something new, especially a fresh philosophy or sense of perspective. This weekend, don’t let others rub you the wrong way with their bizarre behavior. You’re way more patient than they are weird.

  35. Snap out of your routine by trying on a new persona on Monday. It’s amazing how freeing a mask is, providing just the dose of romantic courage you need. Your possessive streak could be prominent in the early part of the week, but feelings and people need space to grow — yourself included, when you think about it. Financial matters may occupy you on Thursday or Friday, but remember they’re less important than emotional ones. By the weekend, you’re much more centered, and it’s an excellent time for you personally. Priorities and perspective in matters of the heart come easily now.

  36. Sometimes it’s hard to separate business matters from personal matters, but it’s going to be crucial for you to do so on Monday. No one is trying to make you feel bad, your emotions just happen to be running particularly deep. The whole incident might put you on guard for the next couple of days. On Tuesday and Wednesday, be careful around others (and careful that you don’t read too much into anything). On Thursday or Friday, someone’s going to share their perspective with you and it’s going to make you view your work environment in a whole new way. This weekend, don’t worry about work. Concentrate on your love life, your family, your friends.

  37. You might feel a little moody as the week begins, but don’t let it spoil your trip. This is merely an emotional bump in the road (perhaps stirred up by thoughts of relationships back home?), and you’ll be back to your old self in no time. Around the middle of the week, you’ll be a master-traveler, quick to make friends and charm the natives. (Hmmm, seeing as they’re charmed and all, maybe they could recommend a good restaurant, too?) Thursday and Friday were made for gaining insights and making travel plans, and you’ll be an excellent judge of what’s worth going out of your way to see — and what should be avoided. This weekend, don’t get ruffled if others rub you the wrong way.

  38. Venus, your passionate home planet, gets into it right away with hazy Neptune, and their square on May 7 puts out some insecure, distorted energy. What you see in the mirror isn’t reflected in other people’s opinion of you, but your lack of confidence could cause issues regardless. When you receive compliments, say thank you even if you don’t necessarily believe them. Vocal Mercury enters your conservative sign on the thirteenth, so your communication is reserved and you tend to hold back your true emotions. You believe that manners and decorum come before full disclosure, so you hold your tongue in certain situations. The sun leaves your sign for restless Gemini on May 20, shifting your sometimes-stoic energy to a more easygoing vibe. Your attention span is scattered at best for the next month, so even though you’re interested in a lot of different topics, you don’t really explore any one of them in depth. The Venus-Saturn (retrograde) opposition on the twenty-sixth keeps your love life and/or finances from advancing the way you’d like them to, which causes you great disappointment. Keep your head down and work hard. You’ll get what you deserve eventually.

  39. In May, a sensual full moon in your sign on the fifteenth sets off those kinky bells and whistles that you secretly crave. The month brings warm nights that seem as though they were designed for sexy antics and your own personal pleasure. Jupiter trines Neptune on May 25 to bring feelings so intense that you could be seduced into some innovative love play. Before you know it, a special summer of love is beginning for the two of you. Your partner is as willing as you are to move into deeper waters, and you both ignore the ghosts of old loves that are raising red flags. The full moon of the twenty-ninth is in the house of hot intimacy, and you’re on the brink of surrender when you suddenly realize that the experience you’re having is risky. One of your more attractive attributes is the infectious sexuality and mystery you bring to a relationship, but risk isn’t really in your DNA.The “always in charge” Taurus takes off the mask of worldliness in May, and as your armor begins to melt, you become an emotional sponge ready to be squeezed of outdated experiences or habits (and loving every minute of it).

  40. You don’t see your love life for what it is when your guiding and love-centric planet Venus squares off against cloudy Neptune on May 7. Despite what you want to believe about a current or potential love interest, the reality of the situation could be a real disappointment in contrast. Hold on to hope, but don’t move ahead blindly. When messenger Mercury spends time in your reserved sign beginning on the thirteenth, your senses come alive, but you don’t show your love through words as much as actions. You’re often referred to as the strong, silent type, and this transit doesn’t do much to alter that reputation. When you do speak your mind, however, the words you use are carefully thought out and deliberate, so there will be no mistaking your true intentions. The dazzling sun leaves your steady, stable sign for versatile Gemini on May 20, shifting your focus from romantic security to a lighter take on love. If you’re committed, you want your space, and if you’re single, the urge to play the field is strong. This more casual outlook on love may take some getting used to, but loosening your grip doesn’t have to mean letting go completely.

  41. The keyword for May is “change,” and that means for the better. On May 7, communicative Gemini Venus squares Pisces Neptune, rather like butterfly-quick tricks. Be alert and ready to act. On the eighth, the opposition between the sun and retrograde Jupiter exposes the trickster perps, btw. Signs Scorpio and Taurus are in protective mode. They – and you – can say “no more” as many times as necessary in the next four days. Good news on May 13, when thinking and communicating Mercury enters your sign. It is also a lucky day to send out resumes and search if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings for Monday, another lucky day. Uranus brings its abundance to your sign on the fifteenth. Unexpected but pleasantly surprising events begin mid-May with Uranus changing your world. However, it is the planet of the unexpected, so events may not be what you plan. Taurus determination seals the deal. Also that day, active Mars brings new projects with its transit in Aquarius and your career sector, which happens once every two and a half years. This transit means you get the support you need. Begin new projects under a fortunate new Taurus moon on May 29. Also, Mercury takes some productive Taurus energy to Gemini. You’ll be creatively impressive next month.

  42. Even a small effort – a few more steps – will pay off if you’re persistent. Focus on your basic exercise and feel virtuous every single day. Be perky on May 1 and let your inner child out during your run or favorite video workout. The fifth is for serious work, then serious play. Sweat up a storm on the stair-climber and then party and dance. It’s Cinco de Mayo! May 7 could get complicated, but you’ll charm your way to the gym in time. Chill with some yoga. The thirteenth is Mother’s Day. Remember to mother yourself, too. Mercury and the moon enter Taurus today. Healthy pampering of skin, hair, and muscles is permitted. May 13, May 14, and May 15 are all power days with the moon in Taurus. Make great progress now. More steps! Your stamina is improving. Uranus enters Taurus on Tuesday, by the way. Surprise yourself with all your progress. On May 19, Venus enters Cancer. Focus on smarter groceries and healthier recipes. Enjoy more salads and smoothies. If the weather is bad on the twenty-sixth, there’s the treadmill or elliptical machine. May 28 is Memorial Day. Ski season may be over, but there are still spas and resorts. You’re so on the go!

  43. Monday and Tuesday will be troubling for you, but not so much that you can’t deal with life. Try to avoid signing or agreeing to anything, and things will turn out all right. Midweek is much better as you feel a surge of energy that just won’t quit. Almost any move you make will turn out to be the right one. You might find yourself drawn toward art or highbrow culture. The weekend will bring finances and a nostalgia for times past to the forefront of your mind. This could be a great time for shopping — if you can afford it.

  44. Nothing kills the potential for romance like deep thought. You need to give this serious emotional noodling a rest, but that might be tough as the week begins. Fortunately, you’ll be back to your usual action-packed, spontaneous self by Tuesday or Wednesday, and others (especially people from different cultures, it seems) will be anxious to get acquainted. Toward the middle of the week, make the most of career-type opportunities at work (while being careful not to step on toes, of course) and get ready for an expansive, over-achieving weekend. People will naturally follow your lead Saturday and Sunday.

  45. You’ve got boldness and charm both working for you on Monday — quite a winning combination! Go ahead and bowl ’em over. Watch for some subliminal messages in the realm of romance on Tuesday or Wednesday; your ability to tune into the subtleties of the situation is key. Make a date to take in some culture between Thursday and Saturday. Your passion is contagious, and you’re extra appealing when you’re all inspired, whether it’s by a punk rock show or the opera. Toward the end of the weekend, take a breather and get yourself grounded.

  46. Monday will be subdued as the week begins slowly. Something is dragging you down, but it’s buried so deep in your subconscious that it’s hard to figure out what it is. Some soul-searching is in order. As the rest of the office runs on autopilot, spend Tuesday and Wednesday exploring your own feelings about your job and your future. Chances are, you’re going to realize on Thursday that an opportunity exists for you to get a lot more out of this position. The end of the week is all about driving for success, doing a good job and impressing people. This weekend you’re going to envision the future, and it will look great.

  47. Admit it: Sometimes you can get cranky when things don’t go your way, especially when it comes to something as potentially chaotic as traveling. On Monday, watch your temper and try to be flexible. By midweek, you’ll be back on top of things and feeling full of boldness and bravado. Are you loving this trip or what? Check out the sights and take chances that others wouldn’t dare. There’s no limit to what you can see and do and learn right now. Slow down a little by the end of the week, and on Sunday, find like-minded travel companions for some fun socializing and group activity.

  48. Your month gets off to a vocally aggressive start when Mercury, the great communicator, squares off with your ruler, feisty Mars, on May 12. Jumping to conclusions puts you in an awkward spot as you try to navigate tricky communications. The times when getting angry and/or overreacting will help your case are few and far between. Mars jumps into curious, eccentric Aquarius on the sixteenth, creating some very hit-or-miss energy levels. You might agree to go out with friends one minute but be asleep when they come to get you (perhaps you dozed off due to momentary boredom). You’re very hard to read when you get in this kind of mood, but you do like to keep people on their toes! A sun-Mars trine on May 24 is the gentle push you need to start a DIY project, and your enthusiasm is contagious. Lucky for you, because the more people you get to help, the faster you get things finished and looking fabulous. A full moon in airy Sagittarius on the twenty-ninth motivates you to find the truth and move beyond current unpleasant situations. Put old issues to rest so you can look to the future without reservations.

  49. The hot sun is occupying the house of “you belong to me” for most of May, and the sparks don’t just fly, they could actually sear. There is torrid energy in the air and it stirs the senses. That hot sun opposes Jupiter in Scorpio on May 8, and for the “more is better” Aries, a certain amount of greed takes hold. You can’t seem to get enough love. The situation continues and intensifies when the new moon rolls around on the fifteenth. Tagging along behind this new moon are Mars and Uranus using their collective clandestine vibe for late-night trysts on May 16. Moves are made that could cause even the boldest of you to blush. Playful Aries has no need for sex toys this month because you’re willingly lured into naughty behavior, and it’s all done with the eyes and sexy “come hither” talk that has just the right possessive twang to it. Adding to this playful month, shining from on high is an “always ready for action” Sagittarius full moon on the twenty-ninth. Playful as the month is, on a deeper level, what you really want is to impact your lover’s soul. And you want someone on the same quest for the divine.

  50. Just because you’ve been dating (or married to) someone for a while, don’t assume you know everything about him or her. The same goes for believing everything you read in online profiles, Aries. You’re eager to jump ahead to whatever the next step may be during the aggressive Mercury-Mars square on May 12, but what do you really know about the situation? It’s virtually impossible for you to keep quiet about your suspicions, so be sure you’re accurate before making accusations or assumptions. Mars storms into quirky Aquarius on the sixteenth, at which point you’re more likely to approach problems with less intensity and more objectivity. What happens when you step outside of the frame and look at a painting from a whole new perspective? Prepare for your mind to be blown (which doesn’t happen very often)! A sun-Mars trine on May 23 motivates you to get things done, but hold off involving a date or your partner in crossing items off your personal to-do list. Having help is nice, but running errands or cleaning house isn’t very romantic. The full moon in outgoing Sagittarius on the twenty-ninth urges you to try new things and meet new people, and your friendly (slightly less intimidating) attitude helps your flirting efforts. When one door leading to romance closes, another one opens.

  51. You are present in every moment, Aries, and it’s why you make strategic moves in May. Aries Mercury guides visions in the first two weeks of the month. Mercury squares powerful retrograde Pluto on May 7, opening the door to deeply hidden places holding career treasures. The eleventh and twelfth are lucky days. Search if you are job hunting and send out resumes. Schedule interviews and meetings on Friday when the stars are on your side.On May 15, you know what you want and how to get it with Uranus now in Taurus. The planet of the unexpected is more predictable and resourceful in the sector of your money and how you earn it. That same day, start a project with lasting benefits under the new Taurus moon and watch it grow. Later that day, energetic Mars moves to Aquarius for a transit that happens once every two and a half years, stimulating friends and associates who help you reach your goals. On the twenty-fifth, the ten-day trine between Jupiter and Neptune spells success through understanding as Neptune’s mysterious secrets are revealed. (Good stuff!)On May 29, Gemini Mercury is all about networking before the month ends. You need one connection in June. You may find the opportunities you’ve been seeking next month.

  52. Try all the new classes or equipment you like. So long as you don’t play the daredevil, you’ll learn a lot about how your body works. Of course, if you’re totally into a routine that makes you happy, stay happy and don’t change a thing. Do your workout or run early on May 1 and blaze through the rest of the day. The moon conjoins Pluto and Mars on the fifth. Have a powerful group run or dance the night away. May 11 and May 12 are your power days with the moon in Aries. Increase your step count or add a lap or extra minutes to your run or swim. The thirteenth is Mother’s Day. Exercise early and then spend some quality time with Mom. The next day is the last day that Uranus spends in Aries. Push yourself in the weight room, but don’t get reckless. May 19 and May 20 are made for fun in the sun! Get out, get some fresh air, and remember to take your sunscreen and hat. The sun trines Mars on May 23. It’s body pump or super aerobics time! Memorial Day, the twenty-eighth, is for beach or hiking fun. The next day is the full moon. Work hard and then sleep extra well. Great!