Learn to Read Your Akashic Records. Sat. Oct. 27th

Hello Don Snyder is going to be teaching a class THIS SATURDAY at the Center. Here are the details: Learn to Read Your Akashic Records Have you ever felt that you can connect with your Soul, either psychically or energetically? Have you wondered how to open up a conversation with your Soul?This could be the class for you.  Join us for an afternoon of exploring the Akashic Records, learning how to read your ... Read More


An Evening with Echo

An Evening with Echo Saturday, Oct. 27th 7-9:30 I’ve had a 53 year career of learning about the paranormal. Join me for a fun night discussion and Q&A about Ghosts, Life after Death, The Soul’s Journey, Soul Travel, Reincarnation, Heaven, Intuition, Psychic Abilities and more. Have you wished there was someone you could ask about these things? Well, that’s what this night is all about.   $25 Space is ... Read More


Bobby Sullivan’s new class begins Oct. 18th.

-The 3 Waves of Volunteers- Have you ever felt like you are not from here or wonder why you are here on the Earth at this time? CALLING ALL LIGHTWORKERS, INDIGOS, CRYSTALS & STAR SEEDS-  Join Bobby Sullivan for this 5-week series on examining:    The 3 Waves of Volunteers that have been in play over the past 70 years? Help from highly evolved beings (meaning you) have come from outside worlds to preserve the ... Read More

Living from Your Intuition

I need your help.

Tomorrow starts a 4-week month of learning how to live intuitively. I want people to know the value of intuition because it's literally life-changing, so this whole month, we're devoting our time to INTUITION. Here's the link to the new class: Living from Your Intuition. Here's how intuition works: lots of times, you don’t know why, but you’ll suddenly be led to go someplace. You’ll just know. You don’t know why you ... Read More

We have the power

He Said, She Said

I need to blog about this Kavanaugh Supreme Court situation. Not him so much as all of the people out there who have been abused sexually in some way and never talked to someone about it. It drives me crazy when I hear people say Christine Blasey Ford should have gone to the authorities back then. As someone who has been through similar situations more than once, the women are always to blame. They said we flirted, ... Read More

Living from Your Intuition

Before you plan that vacation…

Friday night is the monthly guided meditation at the Center from 7-8:00pm. Come join me if you can. It's only $20 and it's a great way to end your busy week. I want to talk to you about something important. You've heard me talk about it many, many times, and it's your INTUITION. It's that knowing somewhere between your heart and your gut, and that voice is specifically there to help you on your path...specifically to ... Read More


It’s Fall and Pastor Tim is back at the Center

Hello. So many of you have been asking when retired Lutheran Pastor Tim Tengblad is going to start teaching his classes again, and here is his upcoming schedule. These classes are wonderful. If you're missing something in your life, this might just be what you're looking forward. Here is the description of what he will be offering: September 23 – Q and A with Pastor Tim 6:30-8:00 PM. $20 You are invited to come with any ... Read More


Mega-Aurapalooza happening this weekend

To help me celebrate my 70th birthday coming up on the 20th. We have 15 MORE vendors than usual. It's going to be a wild and crazy place and yes, Kass will be there this month!  I hope you can join me. Time Saturday, September 15, 2018 10-5   Location 5356 Chicago Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55417 Vendors Dr. Julie Buckman, Psychic, Healer Tami, Psychic/Medium Wes Hamilton, Master ... Read More


Mega-Aurapalooza at The Center this Saturday, September 15

In honor of my 70th birthday, join us for the Incredible Mega-Aurapalooza at The Center for Intuitive Living from 10 am - 5 pm this Saturday, September 15. For this incredible once-in-a-lifetime event, we have 38 fantastic vendors offering wonderful services. There are tents in the back, and our new Healing Center next door. I hope you can join us. One addition: Jean Wallis will be there and Diane Froelich will not ... Read More

Online Psychich Development Course

How do you know if you’re psychic?

On Thursday night I talked with Leigh Hopkins on Facebook LIVE about one of the most common questions we get from people before they register for my Online Psychic Development for Beginners class: "How do you know if you're psychic?" “I recently took one of the online classes and absolutely loved it. Leigh and Echo are amazing instructors and are so kind and passionate.” – Christine You asked, we answered! We've been ... Read More