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Aurapalooza this Saturday, Aug. 18th 10-5

5356 Chicago Ave. So. The following vendors will be at Aurapalooza this Saturday: Bobby Sullivan -- Psychic, Healer & Aura Photos Sybil Dougherty -- Coordinator HPP Program Carol Lowell -- Psychic, Medium & Healer Carl Wergyn -- Medical Intuitive Alison James -- Psychic & Medium Dr. Julie Buckman -- Psychic, Healer & Medium Sandy Stangler -- Psychic, Medium & Healer Anna Larson -- Chair ... Read More


A Terrible Movie … and a Light at the End of the Tunnel

I had a terrible experience the other day that I go back and forth about sharing it with you. I saw a horrible movie. Horrible. I knew better when I walked in, but a friend asked me to see it with him, so I did. The movie was extremely depressing, and I can’t pull myself out of it. I can’t stand watching movies about the atrocities that humankind does to humankind and this movie has a total political spin on it. OMG. ... Read More


Bobby’s new class: Thriving as an Empath

'Thriving as an Empath series with Bobby Sullivan Do you often wonder which emotions are yours, and which belong to someone else? Do you feel the pain of people you care about so deeply that it’s hard to separate? In relationships, do you donate so much of your own natural resources that you suffer from a chronic energy shortage? Is it hard to figure out with those that are close to you what your own needs are—or even ... Read More


Meditation Friday, Latest Podcast and Next Psychic Development Class

Hello Meditation this Friday night, July 27th, 7-8:00pm. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. It's a great way to end a busy week and begin your weekend. $20. Anna Larson will be there for chair massage at 6:00. ******* Here is the latest podcast of Intuitive Living with Bobby Sullivan and myself: ******** PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL ... Read More


Aurapalooza this Saturday, July 21st 10-5

Here is the list of vendors: Bobby Sullivan, Psychic, Healer, Aura Photo's Sybil Dougherty, Coordinator HPP Program Carol Lowell, Psychic, Medium, Healer Carl Wergyn, Medical Intuitive Alison James, Psychic, Medium Dr. Julie Buckman, Psychic, Healer and Medium Sandy Stangler, Psychic, Medium, Healer Anna Larson, Chair Massage Nikki Bodine, Psychic, Tarot, Medium Jeffrey Tyler,             ... Read More


Two corrections on Friday nights event and our latest podcast

Oh Brother, where was my head. I said doors open at 6:15 on Friday, which is ridiculous since the talk starts at 6:00, so THE DOORS WILL OPEN AT 5:30 AND HERE IS THE CORRECT LINK TO PRE-REGISTER: Link to register/pay for Friday's event. Bobby and I did a podcast with Tarron and here is that link: Join Echo and Bobby as ... Read More


Conscious Dying Friday and Thomas John’s tv show Wednesday

Our attitudes and beliefs about death are slowly changing in our society and I’m so glad to see it. We’re so used to not speaking of it and pretending it’s not going to happen. Conscious dying is not only about talking about it but embracing it as well. Friday night, July 13th, myself and Tarron Estes, Director of Conscious Dying Institute are going to give a talk on the whole concept of conscious dying. She will be ... Read More


Walking with Death, Friday, July 13th

Minneapolis, MN 2018 | "Walking With Death: Conscious Dying Practices for Compassion & Transformation" Tarron Estes Conscious Dying Institute Friday, July 13, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CDT) Minneapolis, MN Order Now Minneapolis, MN 2018 | "Walking With Death: Conscious Dying Practices for Compassion & Transformation" Event Details "Walking With Death" Conscious Dying ... Read More


Meditation this Friday and Bobby Sullivan’s new class

Hello Just a quick reminder that tomorrow night is Meditation at the Center. It's going to be warm outside, but we've got the air conditioning working over time to keep the place cool and inviting for you. 7-8:00pm. 5356 Chicago Ave. So. $20. Bobby has a new class starting soon. Here are the details; Moving Through Your Blocks with Bobby Sullivan Do you ever feel “stuck”? Like you just know there is more ... Read More


Meditation Friday and Important Astrological Info

Hello I can't believe it's already the end of June which means that this Friday night is Meditation night. Along with meditation from 7-8, my sister Nikki will be there at 5:30 available for readings and Anna Larson will be there at 6:00 for chair massages. Here's a message from Viva Institute regarding our intense astrological summer: "We're gearing up for an intense astrological summer! Beginning today, Mars ... Read More